Back of the Cab: Watch Our Special Edition with Guest Star Iris Apfel

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InStyle Fashion News Director Eric Wilson reports from Paris Fashion Week in our Back of the Cab video series.

In our special edition of Back of the Cab, Fashion News Director Eric Wilson is joined by the legendary Iris Apfel, who was not only in Paris to see the European collections, but also to celebrate her latest exhibition at Le Bon Marché. The twosome discuss her latest show, the Dries Van Noten runway looks (some of which were inspired by Apfel herself), and the key to having fun, no matter your age.

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [NOISE] Hi, it's Eric Wilson from InStyle Magazine in Paris in the back of the cab and I have a special guest today, Iris [INAUDIBLE]. Bell who is the toast of Paris. You're being celebrated with an exhibition at the Bond Marchay. So first tell me a little bit about. How that came to be and what it's all about. Well they rang me up. I guess it was early in the fall. They said they wanted to do something with me and they weren't quite sure what. And we talked and we talked, and I was supposed to come to Paris. I guess it was Thanksgiving week when we had a terror problem. And I didn't come. So they came to New York. And we talked about everything and we decided what to do and they liked the idea of my telling them the ten things I like best to do when I would come to Paris because for 50 years, I came twice a year. I haven't been now in ten but I really got to know the town and so we chose the different events and then they said they want Took me to put together a silhouette explaining what I would wear for each of these. What's the word I'm looking for? Occasions. Occasions. To each of these occasions. [BLANK_AUDIO] We were Very ambitious at first I wanted to do some interesting items of clothing or accessories but time was too short. We did do one of my Mongolian fur bags. I saw that, it's beautiful. Thank you. A lady flew in from, where did she come from, Monaco. Well, I'd just come to the party and she put two of them [INAUDIBLE] So she says she was trying to find her way back for three years, she couldn't find them. So I said did you get one and she said, one? I got two. We do them in black and in red. I saw the first outfit as what you would wear to a fashion show, and of course you chose a goat coat. What else? Why not? What are you wearing today? We're going to the Rick Owen show right now. I have no time to change today. And I had all these other things. I can't keep changing my clothes every seven minutes. It's been ten years since you've been in Paris. How does it feel to be back? It feels great, it doesn't feel like I ever left. Paris may have changed spiritually or culturally. But physically, it doesn't seem to have changed very much, at least in my riding about the last few You know in New York we're so used to things being knocked down and built up again. It seems to be the same in many other cities I've been to recently. But this, this is Paris. [NOISE] [APPLAUSE] What did you think of the [UNKNOWN] Not in the show yesterday. Well I like it enormously. I like what he does and it didn't hurt to tell me he had me in mind when he was designing it. That's not the first time. He's designed quite a few collections with you in mind. Thank you. And I like those kind of clothes. I like, you know, casual sloppy clothes that you can make them done up if you want to. I thought it was great. We've talked a lot about About how people dress today. But, in Paris, do you think people dress better than in- I can't say because I haven't been to that many places. I mean it seems I've just been interviewed since I'm here. [LAUGH] Are the interviewers better dressed? God no. [LAUGH] I mean they all seem to look alike. The young ladies of the world seem to have a uniform. What is it? Black tights or black jeans, a black sweater. High black boots and a bomber jacket, a leather bomber jacket. It seems if you haven't got that you're not of this planet. You want to [UNKNOWN]? What are you enjoying the most? I'm enjoying them all because frankly, Eric, at this stage of the game if I don't enjoy it, can't have fun at it, don't like the people Wrong I don't do it I don't have thank goodness I mean, I don't have to do it for the money and I do it for my own pleasure and sanity. And and and I don't want to be stressed I mean there's enough stress involved if you're passionate about what you do. At least with me I'm always worried I'm not doing well enough and it should be better and I knock so why do it if I don't like it? Yup Well we've arrived at the show, so any last advice for viewers about how to enjoy life? Well, try to have fun life is very grey, you gotta look at the better side of it and try to do things that help you and help the world. And look at things with the glass is half full. Try new things. Don't let an age Don't let the numbers frighten you, I think that's awful. When people get to be a certain age they just roll over. I mean you can really have fun, I think having fun and everybody has fun in a different way. I don't mean you have to be silly and dance on tables, but I mean, I have fun creating. Creativity to me is great fun. And so I think you have to find your own bliss And go for it. Try to be as individual as you can and not be one of the heard. I know it's much easier, but it's not nearly as much fun. You'll have a much better time if you find yourself. I have spoken. > Excellent, great. Well, thank you for riding in back of the the cab with us and we'll see you. My pleasure. than you for having me. A pleasure. Thanks. [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you very much, I appreciate it. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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