Back of the Cab: Topshop's #LWF Show

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Watch Eric Wilson and Dana Avidan-Cohen's 1-minute review of TopShop's London Fashion Week Show.


[MUSIC] Welcome to Back of the Cab, London Edition. We just came from Topshop. Check it out. [MUSIC] So Eric, what'd you think of the collection? I thought that was super fun, and I love the way they encapsulated like all the Fall trends in one show. You had the body tattoos with, made with jewelry, you had the patchwork fur coats, and then the gray the gray blue trend. What'd you think? I loved those. My favorite pieces were those sheered blue fur pieces. Mm. I thought those were really special. All the textures, and it just really felt like that cool London girl, that's what I love about seeing Top Shop here. Yeah, and Kate Moss was there. And her cute little sister too. So cute. [MUSIC] [NOISE] And that was Dana and Eric signing off for Back of the Cab London Edition. See you next time.

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