Back of Cab: Tommy Hilfiger


Eric Wilson and Dana Avidan-Cohn discuss the details of Tommy Hilfiger's runway show.


So what did you think of the Tommy Show? I thought it was great. I mean, it's, it's the super fun American sportswear, but like, going back for that up risky kind of crowd. The collars were really, really great this season and kinda vintagey looking Americana coats down to the Columbia style puffer jacket, or the fleece jacket which that's like gonna be a big hit this season I think. What did you think? Those were so cool, I loved all those pom pom hats. I think those are gonna be a big seller. I hope they, they have them. And I also really liked how the clothes were so wearable. It definitely had that [UNKNOWN] feeling, but you could also wear it as street wear. Cool, well that's the Tommy Hilfiger show. [MUSIC] And that was Back of the Cab, live from Tommy Hilfiger show.
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