Back of the Cab: Supermodel Toni Garrn on How You Can Shop Designer Merch for a Good Cause

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New York Fashion Week

We may be a little biased here, but the best way to kick off the official first day of New York Fashion Week? The return of our beloved  "Back of the Cab" video series with Fashion News Director Eric Wilson. But wait for it—this isn't any ordinary show-review video that we've all come to know and love. No, this one features guest star model Toni Garrn, who has a very important, very philanthropic message to broadcast: the launch of her annual "supermodel flea market" for charity. 

"A supermodel flea market—it's called that because I got my model girlfriends to donate their old clothes, and I donated about 50 percent of my closet," she tells Wilson. "And we're selling it for a good cause, which is to educate girls in Africa."

Together, Wilson and Garrn talk through just a small sampling of what's for sale, like a spectacular metallic-accented leather patchwork skirt (that's only been worn once!) for $300, a badass geo black leather bodysuit from Gisele Bündchen's closet (which is going for $1,200, because, Gisele), and a beautiful never-been-worn Altuzarra blouse for $180 (its original retail price? $1,200). Watch the entire video, above, and if you're in Manhattan, shop for a good cause by stopping by Garrn's flea market, which is open Thursday and Friday, Sept. 8 and 9, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the fourth floor of 35 Great Jones Street.


[MUSIC] Hi, it's Eric Wilson from InStyle magazine. And welcome back to a new season of Back of the Cab. It's New York Fashion Week and we're here with supermodel Toni Garrn. Hello. How's it feel to be back at fashion? Om my gosh, that's crazy. But it's kind of what I got thrown into when I was fifteen. I came to New York for the first time and it was hot and sticky out, and I had my book and I had my [UNKNOWN] in my backpack like, fashion week to me, it was like the start of my career, my job, so it's very historical and emotional for me. Sweet. And everybody's talking about this big sale that you've got going on this week. Tell us about it So, ending as super model flea market which is named that and called that because I really got my girlfriends and my model girlfriends to donate their old clothes and I donated about 50% of my closet and we sell it for a good cause which is to educate girls in Africa. That's a really really nice circle of practical, you know, emptying your closet out and helping at a good cause. Yeah You can literally buy clothes off a supermodel's back so let's see some of the items that are in store this week. Let's start.>> There's a lot, there's so much I mean this skirt for example is super cute. I wear it one time for an event. It's like full leather it's so fun. And you know once we get photographs and that we kind of like of photograph it again right, so it's a shame. You know, in a way, we both from each other. So it's fun. We just now, I'll wear my girlfriend's dress on the carpet or something. It's $300, this is not my size, so this will still be available tomorrow. Let's see, what else have we got here? I think this is a very special item? I love it. It's a body suit. And actually, Giselle just sent this in. I think it's beautiful, it's so Hot. I don't know what she wore this for, but I can see it's completely untouched. And it's very long, and I have a long torso, so I might actually fit in this. So this might not be here on Friday if you guys don't come on time. [LAUGH] What's the price? I priced this high because it's Giselle. I mean, come on. There's gotta be some fan who wants to wear her clothes, right? So I priced it at 1200. It's leather. Which I think is so fun. Adidas. I just wanted to put in some fun sportswear because we have a really good sports rack. We have some really fun sportswear, and this the stylist gave me, and I have, everything is really, I mean, not everything but this is unworn as well. $70. That's a steal. All right. And that's a really Simply beautiful. Wow. Office wear. Perfect. Yeah, I think it's a Delta Zara and I got this from the store 4510 in Dallas. They're good friends of mine and they donated lots of pieces and for example this was in the store there for 1200 and Whoa. I'm selling it for $180. That's incredible. That's kind of the price range that we're looking at. So, that's amazing. So, you've walked as many as 60 shows in a season What's that like? What's that like, honestly, lots of fun. I love fashion week because I was always 16,17 18 years old for me it was like a school reunion, cuz all the girls were my best friends. I was like are you going to Versace or Dulce right now, we'll go together, I have a scooter outside and we'd just scooter race there and all stayed together. We all laid on each other when we couldn't Sleep cuz it was a 3 AM call and fitting cuz they take 20 hours to get us ready. Stuff like that bonds. And since then I think my life and my job is easy after that like I got thrown into the cold water. Now we have all the information about the sale online. So be sure to check it out if you're in New York City this week. And stay turned for more episodes of Back of the Cab. You've given me a great idea. We're gonna do the next one on a scooter. [MUSIC]
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