Back Of The Cab: Prada’s #MFW Show

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Watch Eric Wilson and Melissa Rubini’s 1-minute review of Milan Fashion Week.


Hi, it's Eric Wilson and Melissa Rabinni from In Style. We're just coming from a fantastic Prada show at Milan Fashion Week. For our next installment of Back In The Cab. Take a look a quick look. So what we really liked was the, the kind of German music that was playing at a live performance that went from sort of. Sally Bowles cabaret all the way to techno music. So the clothes are cool too. Melissa, what did you think about that? It's actually, it was so cool how, each time we [UNKNOWN] you know, at the same time that she comes with all this art influence, she brings it back to reality, and you look at the dresses. Even though they have all this styling around, it's really a dress that you want to buy. And where. Mm-hm. I'm sure people. Loved it. Right, and a lot of that in the Fall. Oh definitely, definitely. You can see those dresses going out in the streets. And the totes with the prints were so beautiful too. Yeah, make sure to look for those in the finale right here. [MUSIC]
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