Back of the Cab: Prada

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InStyle’s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson, Fashion Director Cindy Weber Cleary, and Style Director Melissa Rubini provide their reactions to the Prada spring/summer 2015 collection.


Hi, it's Eric Wilson from InStyle magazine. We are in the back of the cab on the way back from the Prada show in Milan. So I'm here with Melissa Rubini and Cindy Weber-Cleary and we're gonna find out what they thought of the show. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]. So what did you think of the Prada show? I loved it. It, It was very her and the mix of fabrics and mashup of colors but it had almost a homemade feel that was really interesting. Yeah I think that bringing the 70's intellectual girl back is something. Stretta really loves and she did it marvelously. [MUSIC] What did you think about the look of the show in general. Well, the set was very intriguing. It was lavender, enormous dunes, tons of sand, which set up a certain expectation but then the show really was a departure from that, I, at the end, I sort of thought it had an end of the world feeling, but with scraps of civilization. What's you think, Alissa? It was quite a contrast, yes, during the men's show. She did the swimming pool and this time she had the powers of scent, purple scent. So, I mean, question mark, we have two [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Cool
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