Back of the Cab: Model Nina Agdal Shares Her Foolproof Social Media Strategy

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Back of the Cab

Most models these days use Instagram to promote their brands, but they don’t all find success like Nina Agdal.

The Danish model dished on her social strategy in the latest installment of InStyle's Back of the Cab series. “It’s about keeping it real,” Agdal—whose following is 1.4 million strong—tells Fashion News Director Eric Wilson during a New York Fashion Week commute.

“When you post something that really says something about you—whether it’s funny or you took the picture behind the scenes—when you really let people into your life and your world,  that's where you're really engaging with people," she says. "I think that's the most important."

So what can you discover from her account? Watch the video above for a glimpse into the runway star’s jet-set life and find out details on how she spends her (very rare) free time.


[MUSIC] Hi and welcome to Back of the Cab, I'm Eric Wilson and today I have a special guest, Nina Agdal. Hi, yes. Thanks for Having me. Did I pronounce it right? Sort of almost it's hard. In Danish you say Nina Agdal. Excellent. But here you say Nina Agdal. It's just easier. [LAUGH] Well we're coming from Michael Kors, great show this morning, what did you think? It was awesome. It's like a little preppy but a little funky At the same time, I just think he's so funny. He's such a wonderful man. So what are you working on now professionally? I am signed with IMG, which happened recently. I'm really excited for it. It's a new chapter. I definitely would love to do more in the fashion industry and just keep working on me and my brand. A brand. It's a big brand. 1.4 million followers on instagram. Yes. So a lot of people if you think about it. Like if you put them in one area. That's like a small country. That's like a 5th of Denmark or something like that. [LAUGH] Yeah. So what's the secret to getting a following like that? The secret? I think it's about like Keeping it real. When you post something that really says something about you or that's funny or that you took the picture. It's behind the scenes or something like that. But you really let people let into your life and your world, basically, I think that's where you're really engaging with people. I think that's the most important. I know that you are big on fitness. Yes. Tell me about it. I am a Work out crazy person. I love working out. I think its my way to relax. I can't think about anything else than what I'm doing in that moment. A spinning class, it will be Tone House which is athletic conditioning. It'll be my personal trainer, boxing, yoga. Racketball, I recently got into. Tennis, I recently Got into volleyball, running, SLT, which is Pilates. I mean, I'm all over the place. [LAUGH] That's why you always see pictures of me in workout clothes. And I'm like, you can't catch me when I'm walking out of Michael Kors- [LAUGH] Looking like this? You have to see me after 45 minutes of sweats. All right, it's a lightning round. Yes, let's do it. Okay, what's the first thing you do in the morning? Drink coffee. What's the last thing you do at night? Check my Instagram. What's the last TV show you binged watched? You see, I don't even have TV in my house right now. How is that possible? It's actually really nice. So I'm renovating, so I don't have TV or WiFi. So I'm forced to get out of my apartment. Which is actually awesome. You either go to sleep, or you go hang out with somebody. So last TV show binge was Breaking Bad. New York, London, Milan, or Paris? New York by far. Why? I just love New York, and I love America, and I love American people and vibe. They're so fun. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Dog person. I'm sorry. One more time. Who's calling? Is that me? Is that you? My God. That's me. Ooh. Is that a Justin Timberlake? It is. I don't know why that would have just come in. That's so bizarre. My God. [LAUGH] Are you blushing? You're kind of like sweaty a little bit. You're like no I love Justin Timberlake. I [INAUDIBLE]. And now that you know what's on my playlist, what's on your A lot of house, idiom, hardcore music like that, yeah, like people do not want me to play my songs. Cuz they're like this is way to aggressive for me Right now. Cool. That's it! That's it for this episode of "Back of the Cab," but stay tuned next time, when Justin Timberlake joins [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] My god, seriously, he's gonna actually. You should get him in here, because of that. Totally. [SHOW THEME MUSIC]
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