Back Of Cab: Michael Kors

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Back Of Cab: Michael Kors


Welcome back, this is back of the cab with Dana Avadon-Cohn/? and Eric Wilson from InStyle. We are coming from the Michael Kors show. [MUSIC] So Eric what was the theme behind the Michael Kors collection? Well Michael called it Optimistic Chic which I thought was very funny and really interesting because we are seeing a lot of happy fashion, Oscar De La Renta was one example. Cited up and was talking about being in an upbeat mood, and I think that's a reaction to our times. Whenever we're in times of turmoil, fashion often reacts with very happy clothes. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Another interesting thing was that we saw a lot of gingham and we've seen it everywhere? Where else have you seen it? Gingham has been all over. I saw it at Joseph Altuzarra, then it was at Oscar de la Renta, and also from Diane von Furstenburg. It definitely seems to be a huge print for the season. Yeah, and I think that's because it's a really cheery print. Yes. And that really just speaks to this upbeat mood. So, in back of the cab we're saying get happy. See you next time.

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