Back Of The Cab: Louis Vuitton SS15


InStyle’s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson gives you an exclusive look inside the Louis Vuitton Fashion 2015 show.


Hi, it's Eric Wilson from InStyle magazine, at Paris Fashion Week. We're coming from the Louis Vuitton show, which besides being an amazing collection, offered the fashion world its first view of the new foundation, Louis Vuitton design by Frank Gehry. [NOISE] Nikola Gasger loves science fiction so it was no surprise to hear the strains from Close Encounters of the Third Kind as we took our seats. But the big surprise was a video display. That came with the message. A ship, surrounded by surrounded by a gigantic woodland. A ship, made of 3,600 glass panels, and 15,000 tons of steel. A ship that serves as an incubator, and it ignites our fellow creative mind. An undisclosed location. [MUSIC] So, how did that show make you feel? I think Nicholas has such a talent to, to show what narrow's supposed to be. He goes back and gets reference but brings to the exact moment that we are living in. so exciting. [MUSIC] The other news here, were some playful, cartoon like prints almost bourgeois in their subject matter of eye lash curlers and water bottles and also, of course, this being Louis Vuitton, there were some incredible new bags. Take a look. [MUSIC] And that's it for another season of back of the cab. Thanks for watching and we'll see you soon
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