Back of the Cab: London Fashion Week


For our latest installment of Back of the Cab, Wilson takes a look at the collections of some of the city’s most exciting young brands—Peter Pilotto, Thomas Tait, and more —and he couldn’t wait to share his thoughts.


Hi, it's Eric Wilson from InStyle magazine. Welcome to London where the collections are just ending. [NOISE] The top story among new designers here was all about color. Bright colors, bold colors, every color you can imagine. [MUSIC] Another thing I love about the new designers here is they are really making some inventive new fabrics using lace in ways we've never seen before, and really telling their own story through fabric. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Finally, two of our favorite shows of the week, Jonathan Anderson of the Label JW Anderson had a really cool collection. Kind of unusual but really a fun new take on [INAUDIBLE] bearing clothes. And Simone Rocha who started her collection with some rather funereal dresses but, ended with this really optimistic take on, red poppy print. [MUSIC] Thanks for watching. We'll be back with more Back in the Cab from Milan and Paris.
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