Back of the Cab: InStyle's Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown Explains How She Got Her Start in Fashion

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New York Fashion Week

In case you haven't heard, InStyle has a new editor in chief: Laura Brown! And since we're in the thick of New York Fashion Week, there's no better time than the commute between shows for a quick Q&A with Fashion News Director Eric Wilson about how she got to where she is today.

"I'm new—just out of the packet," Brown jokes. Slightly more seriously, she explains her start. "I had delusions of grandeur from a young age, because I grew up in Sydney and I was obsessed with magazines," she says. "I started interning, studied journalism, and got my first job at a magazine called Mode."

Watch the video above to find out why she loves InStyle, the shows she loves so far, and the weirdest thing to ever happen to her at NYFW. And if you don't already, follow her on Instagram (@laurabrown99) for her keen observations and witty fashion commentary.


[MUSIC] Hi it's Eric Wilson, from In Style Magazine, with Back of A Cab. And we are here today with Laura Brown, our brand new editor in chief. I'm new, just out of the packet. Yes, i wanted to introduce you to her. So tell us how you got your start in fashion. Wow, I had delusions of grandeur from a young age is what I like to say. Grew up in Sydney and I was obsessed with magazines and I had all them piled up. And I just started interning and I studied journalism in college where I occasionally did some work, not much. And then I got my first job with a magazine called Mode,. Took myself once to the shows in Paris on my own. I didn't know anyone and the only people I talked to were waiters. [Laugh] for like five days. What did you order? Frete [Laugh] It's about all I could afford. So now your at InStyle magazine. Yes. What does InStyle mean? [INAUDIBLE] [UNKNOWN] was so funny. I have two different perceptions of it because when, again, when I was younger like when it came out in the 90s it was this amazing fabulous spaceship of glamor and celebrity and fashion. And everybody on it was the most famous, the most glamorous, you know what I mean. And it's just so thrilling to be able to I guess read it as an editor because it's this confluence of pop culture, celebrity and fashion all together that this brand just has such ownership of and I'm still, I mean I'm just here. I've been here this is my tenth day so bear with me. What I love the most about this brand is it has the two most powerful words in fashion in its name, in and style. And people are honking cuz they know. But it's fashion week. It is. So what have you seen this week that you like from? I love Forenza. I think what they really do when they do that amazing pattern and that really like spirited sort of, the texture and the knit and everything all through and on together, I really, really liked that. I really liked Tory Burch this morning actually, it's just like really great color and just easy. What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you Fashion Week. [BLEEP] The weirdest thing happened to me at Fashion Week is starting a job at InStyle six days before. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So I'm a bit like a stunned mullet walking around. What's the weirdest, weirdest thing that happened to you? I was once hit by a wine glass in the head and had to have stitches where I have to rest of fashion week. I'm so sorry I was angry that day. Speaking of random, let's do lightening round. Okay. Red or white. Red. What is the song on repeat most often on your music play list. It's, hang on, ****. Sorry. I don't know that song. No I wanna say Dead End Soul, anything. I would have guessed tell it to my heart by Taylor What celebrity has the best straight style? Celebrity straight style, I'm sorry, I like Chloe and Halle. I'm on a Chloe and Halle bender right now. Those two girls, I think they're really special. What would you be doing if you were not in fashion? Lying down. [LAUGH] What is the best city to see fashion? Paris. What kind of car do you drive? I can't drive! [LAUGH] Do you have a license? No. My god. Hey, Ronnie. Hey. Can you swivel to him? Hey, Ronnie. Yeah. I can't drive. I got you. Thank you. He got me. Ronnie is my everything. What is your go-to running shoe? Nike black and white with a simple swoosh. And your favorite exercise? Soul cycle. Dog person or cat person? Dog and kittens. [BLANK_AUDIO] Yeah. What's the first thing you do when you go to the office? Go, what's up nerd? [LAUGH] The last TV show you binge watched? Stranger Things, yeah. Stranger Things has actually had an influence on the the Spring collections. If you don't know what it is. Tell me about it Eric. Yeah. You've got the 80s. You've got the pop [INAUDIBLE] collars and the soundtrack played in at least three different shows so far. So thanks for watching Back of the Cab, and be sure to stay tuned for more episodes from New York Fashion Week. I so hope you don't regret these few minutes. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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