Back of Cab: Hugo Boss


Eric Wilson and Dana Avidan-Cohn discuss the details of Hugo Boss' runway show.


So we just came from Jason Wu's first collection for Boss. So exciting. I thought it was. [MUSIC] Okay, so Eric, tell us what you thought. Well I thought it was. I mean, Jason had been saying he wanted to surprise everybody with a different side of him, to, like, show another side of himself. But in the end I thought it actually looked quite a lot like,. His signature style is very sophisticated and elegant. And it, and, and it made sense in the, in the palette of gray which is Hugo Boss's signature color. What did you think? I, I agree. I thought it was so amazing how he was able to capture. You know the really masculine side of a woman and the really feminine side I felt like that was a real wardrobe for for a modern day woman who had a lot of different sides to her. Yeah so cool check out the collection. [NOISE] [MUSIC] And that was Dana and Eric signing off for Back of the Cab. First collection by Jason Wu for Boss. See you next time.
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