Back Of The Cab: Dries Van Noten

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Watch our 1-minute review of Dries Van Noten's #PFW runway show!


Hi, it's Eric Cosen from In Style Magazine. Welcome to Back of the Cab, Paris Edition. We are coming from the first big show this season. Dreams Benoten word and it was spectacular. [INAUDIBLE]. It was just gorgeous. His signature fabric met, soft shapes. Nothing too structured. I was surprised to see bare midriffs entering. [MUSIC] And, just the whole production was so gorgeous. At the end, instead of marching down the runway, as most shows end. The models reclined, or sat down and kind of put their heads in each other's laps and. Just looked like they were enjoying a wonderful spring day. [NOISE] [LAUGH] Be sure to stay tuned for more episodes of Back of the Cab from Paris Fashion Week.
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