Back of the Cab: Dior’s #PFW Show

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Watch Eric Wilson and Cindy Weber Cleary's 1-minute review of the Dior Paris Fashion Week Show.


It's Eric from In Style with Back of the Cap Paris edition. We're just coming from the Dior show where Raph Simmons showed his vision for the city woman. [MUSIC] So, Cindy, you live in the city. Is that the kind of clothes that you would wear? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, Raph came from a menswear background. And I always love a woman in. Man tailoring, and he does it beautifully. I was surprised, though, because last season was so romantic and mysterious, that whole kind of garden of good and evil. And this collection was very grounded. It was, like, real clothes for real women who work, who live in a city, who are trying to get around fast. [MUSIC] And make sure you check out the shoes, which look like a pump but feel like a sneaker. [MUSIC]
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