Back of the Cab: Christian Dior


Watch our 1-minute review of Christian Dior's #PFW runway show!


Hi it's Eric Wilson from In Style Magazine. We're in the back of the cab after the Christian Dior collection. Where guests entered an amazing space set up in a courtyard at the Louvre Museum where a giant tent was enclosed entirely in mirrors. So it reflected the side of the museum back at them [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] So Raf Simons' combined modern shapes with fashion history in this collection. What do you think? Yes. I, Monsieur Dior was obsessed with Marie Antoinette and, and that was a way. For Russ Simmons to celebrate the heritage of the brand and bring the historic moment. Although the collection looks very modern and fresh it didn't have any weight of history in it. [MUSIC]
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