Back of the Cab: Chanel's #PFW Show


Inside the “Crazy Chic” Chanel #PFW Show with Eric Wilson and Cindy Weber Cleary.


[INAUDIBLE] Hi it's Eric Wilson, and Cindy Weber Cleary from In Style Magazine for back of the cab. We're just coming from the most insanely bizarre but kind of awesome channel show I've ever seen in which Carla Laggerfelt transformed the grand peley into enormous supermarket. Okay, what did you think? Well, it's the most fun show of the season so far, for sure. And it was a bazaar, there were products on all the shelves that had unique Chanel labeling. The collection was for modern women, like so many other designers in Paris this week. There were lux versions of sweatsuits, and everybody had sneakers or sneaker boots. That were crazy. Colorful suits, colorful coats, it was about shopping. Exactly. [MUSIC]
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