Back Of The Cab: Altuzarra, Alexander Wang & Diane von Furstenberg


InStyle’s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson gives you an exclusive look inside the Altuzarra, Alexander Wang & Diane von Furstenberg Fashion Week shows.


[MUSIC] This is Eric Wilson from InStyle Magazine at New York fashion week. I've got Cindy Webber Cleary and Melissa Rubinni in the back of the cab. we're gonna talk about the best shows we saw this weekend. [MUSIC] What did you think of [UNKNOWN] His best show so far it was beautiful. So feminine, it looked effortless. Totally polished. I loved. The suits in the beginning, the dresses. It was beautiful. Pure spring. [MUSIC] Like he distilled what his brand is known for. The techno fabrics, the elec, athleticism. I loved the bar codes. The graphics. It just, it couldn't have been any. Anyone else to show and that, that's the sign of someone really arriving. Yes there was I though that there was so much more designing in it. Like so much you know, [INAUDIBLE] feeling, is much more of a designer now. Now then just a straight cool kid [UNKNOWN] That's true. Cool kids [MUSIC] DV [INAUDIBLE]. I really liked it. It, it seemed very clean and fresh. Again, checks just like an Alta Zura. I don't know, it just looked easy and breezy and I thought it was really appealing. It's a happy, spring girl.. If we were live, [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC]
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