Etsy Says This Awards Show-Inspired Trend Is Replacing the Traditional Wedding Favor

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While there are many wedding traditions that happy couples may have a difficult time compromising on—for example, non-white bridal gowns or a wedding without a cake (gasp!)—there are a few nuptial staples that could use a refresh. And according to Etsy, the one wedding agenda item that needs some sprucing up is the token wedding favor.

Now, they’re not saying to get rid of the wedding favor entirely, per say. Instead, they’re suggesting to ~massively~ improve upon the concept by featuring a customized gifting suite at your wedding. Basically, it’s like giving guests the A-list awards show treatment, and we’re totally onboard with that!

Instead, they’re suggesting to ~massively~ improve upon the concept by featuring a customized gifting suite at your wedding.

Basically, it’s like giving guests the A-list awards show treatment, and we’re totally onboard with that!

Etsy’s first ever trend guide focuses on weddings this month, and these “trends” are based on information they culled from their marketplace. Apparently, gifting suites are the direction wedding favors are moving in.

“Much as they’ve become staples of 21-century weddings, stuffing and distributing dozens of welcome bags in the middle of pre-wedding mayhem is exactly nobody’s idea of a good time (even your bridesmaids),'” the wedding trend experts at Etsy said via press release.

“Enter: gifting lounges, which preserve the fun part of the process — picking out the just-right mix of sentimental, symbolic and silly favors — and ditch the assembly line drudgery.”

For those of you who aren’t acquainted with the phrases “gifting suites” or “gifting lounges,” allow us to elaborate. These are basically magical pop-ups at award shows and events (think the Oscars and the Grammys) where celebs and lucky guests get to come and assemble their own goodie bags. Yup, they can pretty much take home whatever cool and outrageous swag they want!

To put the concept into play at a wedding is simple, really.

“Here’s how it works,” Etsy writes. “Upon arrival at the couple’s hotel, a welcome party, or even at the reception itself, guests can grab a personalized tote or other container and help themselves to a curated spread of memorable goodies.”

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While they include such examples as customized cookies and local treats, we can think of a million wedding goodies we’d love to see. Personalized mini champagne bottles, pretty charm necklaces, customized shades; etc. For your reference, here’s a ~beautiful~ example of one couple that absolutely nailed the wedding gifting suite.

Angela Weiss/BET/Getty

Now if you’re thinking that this idea may be a little on the expensive side, we wouldn’t blame you. But, the wedding pros over at Etsy pointed out that the average number of wedding guests decreased 10 percent from 2009 to 2015, and as a result, couples are now spending a smidge more on their guests. So all things considered, this lower-effort, highly customized experience probably evens out.

“It’s all about offering a more elevated and bespoke experience,” they write. And hey, we’re onboard with that!


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