Awards Season Fashion Preview


Hear InStyle fashion director Hal Rubenstein predict the gowns and glamour for this year's nominees.


[MUSIC] For everybody who reads InStyle, loves celebrity, loves movies, it's award season. It's time for gowns and jewels, great hair and makeup. [MUSIC] Nicole Kidman received a nomination for Rabbit Hole. Nicole, tends to wear clothes that are fairly close to her torso, close to her body. Her hair is back to that russet color, and I think it sets off her skin better. Remember this is gonna be a big color season. You either wear white or you go bold. And I think she will do exactly that. Natalie Portman is, she's the great young beauty of the bunch. She's nominated for Black Swan. And Natalie is, is one of the ones I think we're gonna be most excited to see simply because, her choices are so fashion forward with LaVan. With Redarte, with Givenchy. She seems to be fearless in terms of how she pulls off clothes. [MUSIC] Hallie Berry is the surprise nomination for the Golden Globes for Frankie and Alice. She will undoubtedly wear something that's form fitting because she ought to. Also what I like about her is that she's so feminine in her features, but she has a very boyish hair cut. She's great play of opposites. Which is sometimes the most exciting way to dress. Where you wear something feminine but you have that one little touch of masculinity about you, and in her case it's the cut. Ann Hathaway's the exuberant one. She has those big beautiful eyes and that 1000 watt smile. She's also gonna be the host of the academy awards this year, which means she will get multiple costume changes. So she's gonna be basically the most popular girl in town. Anne loves dramatic fashion. She's not afraid of wearing a big gown with big dress, lots of sparkle, intense color. For the Globes, I think what you're just gonna see is something big and shiny. [MUSIC] Annette Bening's favorite color is black. She's nominated for The Kids Are All Right, and a film in which she let herself look really raw and very, very unglamorous. Yet she is utter Hollywood royalty. She is the one more than anybody I would like to see breakout. I would like see wear something completely unexpected. I think she is the favorite. She is the one I'm hoping basically surprises everybody. Anticipation's only half the fun, but we're gonna be here throughout award season. The winners, ok, that'll be fun. But the winners as far as we're concerned, are what we see on that red carpet. [SOUND]
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