Award Season Wrap

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Our fashion director looks back on the most glamorous time of the year.


It was quite a season. Oscars are the end of the train. Let's go from the front of the train and work our way back on a very special ride. Emma Stone rocked the house for me. What was so great about what she wore at the Golden Globes. That's exactly how young Hollywood should be dressed, pale pink dress, unadorned. Even with capped sleeves, but with no back, this girl looks so sexy without trying too hard. Natalie Portman's appearance at the Globes was her first step on to the world stage as both the star of Black Swan and a pregnant young actress and young bride. So she wanted a dress, I think, that was going to highlight it. She went to Viktor and Rolf and, and got this dress with a big rose. [MUSIC] I think it got the attention. I think the dress is fun. That old cliche that a woman, when she's pregnant, glows, really is true. [MUSIC] Mila Kunis has had my favorite dress for the night. From the Alexander McQueen collection done by the new designer Sarah Burton, this was, I think, sensational. And she just pulled it off beautifully. Her hair sorta fell in gentle waves directly into the pattern of the dress. It all became one of the piece. The dress has no weight whatsoever. So the print just kind of billows in the wind. It was smashing. I loved Anne Hathaway's gown. There's a big exuberance about her. Because she, she has that, the incredible energy. I think she can wear a very dramatic and a very big dress because there's such an obvious enthusiasm in wearing something that's special. Hillary Swank really did wear the classic Oscar dress. It's a Gucci Premier dress it's unbelievably intricate all that beading that goes in gradations that It then turn into feathers and goes into four different gradations of feathers coming all the way out. Its a way that I think works for Hilary Swank. Hilary has very strong features. She has such a toned body that the more so of girlish a dress that she wears the better the dress for her. This season I think never have clothes on the red carpet so adhered so often to clothes that you may see in the store at some point or at least an adaptation of. There really may be clothes ideas, inspirations and maybe exact pieces that you would love to wear, adapt or make your own. [MUSIC]
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