Avril Lavigne

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Surrounded by guitars, the rock chick opens up about her love of musical instruments.


I started playing it. I learned my first chord when I was like seven. I was really young. My first guitar was a Christmas gift. It was just an acoustic guitar, and I kinda learned on that. My parents got us like a set of drums, a microphone stand, guitar, a, a bass. Now, because of that, I can play the drums. I play the drums on stage, and I can play piano and guitar and bass. It was really cool that they did that. I'll definitely get my kids, like instruments. [MUSIC] My first chord was G, which is, [SOUND] G, and then I just learned by myself. My dad taught me, like, a couple of chords, and then I just figured it out from there. You only really need to know a few chords. [MUSIC] Fender always hooks me up with anything I want. They're custom making me sparkle guitars right now for my tour. They've custom made me like, checkerboard, so that's really cool. [MUSIC]
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