Nashville Returns Tonight! Star Aubrey Peeples Reveals 5 Things to Expect


Tonight, Nashville returns after its mid-season hiatus—and you won't want to miss any of the drama that's about to go down. But no one is more excited for the second half of season four than the show's star, Aubrey Peeples. She plays singer Layla Grant on the ABC series, and during a recent visit to InStyle's New York City headquarters, Peeples told us that some of the fourth season's best storylines have yet to be revealed.

"There's a lot of steamy romance coming," Peeples said, adding that fans can also expect "a lot of really good music." Press play on the video above for five spoiler-free reasons to tune in, straight from the Nashville star herself.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Aubrey Peeples from Nashville on ABC. I'm really excited for the show to come back in March where we left off with Leyla. Her love interest had just died and she was writing some music about it. So we're gonna see a lot more music come out of her. Deep sorrow in the second half of season four and we also might see a new love interest for her. [MUSIC] Lala's had a lot of new people to interact with. She hasn't really had a lot of friends [LAUGH] for a really long time and she's kind of been stuck just, I've basically been doing scenes with Oliver for a long time, so this season she kind of breaks away from that and Gets to interact with a lot of the other characters, which is really fun. [MUSIC] Leila has some cool performance outfits coming up. She, I get to sing a lot more in the back half of this season, so for a lot of her performances, there's a really cool lace jumpsuit. The coolest scene to shoot this season, so far, has been. A scene that I did with Will Chase, because we don't really get to interact on the show that much. But he's such an amazing scene partner. And I have a really good scene with him where Layla's kind of like manipulating him. And I just think that we have a great time working together. [MUSIC] There's a lot of steamy romance upcoming and a lot of really, really good music. I think the music this year is maybe the strongest it's ever been. But there will definitely be a lot of like **** fans to might get angry from everything mixing up. The songs you should look out for this season are Caged Bird in the Book by my character Layla. They're really cool lyrically, but they also have a very new sound. They have a saxophone on them.
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