Video: Michelle, Mila, and Rachel Talk Oz for InStyle's March Cover!


The mesmerizing trio of Oz the Great and Powerful enchanted us on the brand-new cover of InStyle's March Spring Fashion issue—and the shoot comes alive in this behind-the-scenes video! Watch above as stars Michelle Williams (Glinda the good witch), Rachel Weisz (the Wicked Witch of the East), and Mila Kunis (a Witch caught between good and evil) chat about their favorite red carpet moments and give you a sneak peek at the fabulous fashions to expect in the movie (in theaters March 8th). "It's very princess armor," Williams says of the costumes. "That's what young girls need!" added Weisz. Can't wait! Find out more about these bewitching women in the new 594-page issue, on newsstands—or downloadable on your iPad, Nook, or Droid tablet—starting February 8th. 


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Plus, see clothing inspired by Oz!

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[MUSIC]. [MUSIC]. [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] I like the Elie Saab dress that I had. It was like a lavender dress. It was one of my favorites. Oh, I love that dress for the Academy Awards. Yes, the purple the lavender it's really pretty, mm I had nothing to do with it, he [LAUGH] but it was stunning. Just a stunning, stunning dress. Gorgeous. I liked that green dress that you wore. Oh, the short one, yeah, Lamberg, it was made of like what you go diving in, I don't know what you call that. Oh, like the thick spandex whatever that is. Yeah, it was like this color but in diving material, but you had to get close to see it. Yeah. I loved your red. Was it wheat on, the academy awards. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Coral, coral. Came off as red you know in pictures. Okay. It was beautiful. James and I think attached ourselves to it around the same time. It was sent to me then I met with Sam. The same night discussed the different characters. And I think I [INAUDIBLE] for him the in like later that week, and James and I decided to do it. Totally boring, old-fashioned way. Read a script, do an audition, make a movie. It was a casting-couch situation. no, totally boring old-fashioned [LAUGH] I'm going to add anything, yeah, I mean, I just read the script and I really loved it, and went to the exam and yeah. I like your outfit. From them. I like your white outfit. She wears a really beautiful sequiny top, and a white pant. It's like fairy princess armour. Like the sequins are. [MUSIC] The sequins or the armour and then like a sheer skirt with pants underneath so you know, you can run but be feminine at the same time. Yeah, I think it's gonna start a trend. Princess Alma, right? That's what young girls need. [LAUGH] Flying, I think. That was, is a first for me to fly. We have a battle in the air, myself and Michelle's character that we fight. Whilst flying, which is, was really cool. Definitely, yeah. Flying. [LAUGH]. Flying. [LAUGH] We all had different flying styles, which is, you know, something you can't really do any research before, you just got to do and get wired and get lifted up and start flying, right? What was your style? I just had to land. You had to and, that's right. Make landings. You were like a lady flying. Like a [CROSSTALK] Yeah, you were like a lady flying, I was not relieved by her. Keep your legs together. [LAUGH] There was a discussion. That's all right oh, yes talk to [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE]. [SOUND]
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