Video: At the Cover Shoot With August Cover Girl Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde's August InStyle cover comes to life in this behind-the-scenes video we shot on set at Milk Studios in New York City. And she wasn't just the model—she was a visionary. Wilde helped shape the inspiration of the cover shoot to create a "futuristic Katharine Hepburn" look, which she illustrated by choosing clothes with a mix of elegance and embellishment, as picked out by Style Director Melissa Rubini. "I use actresses and models of the past as inspiration," she says in the video. "I've always had a thing for both Hepburns—I've had both Audrey and Katharine up on the inspiration board." Watch the video above to find out her modern-day muses. Then, see more exclusive photos and read our entire interview by picking up the new InStyle, on newsstands and available for download to your tablet starting Friday, July 12.

Plus, see Olivia and Jason Sudeikis's cutest couple moments.

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[MUSIC] I kind of came up with our character for the shoot was futuristic Katharine Hepburn. [LAUGH] So we had really strong graphic shapes and colors and that was fun. I do use actresses and models from the past a lot as inspiration. I always have had a thing for. Both Hepburns. [LAUGH] We've Audrey and Katharine up on the inspiration board. In terms of the modern people who I think are really stylish and interesting, I love Alexa Chung, kind of that effortless,sexy, but sort of. Kate Moss, easy, chic, you know, I've been going for the Kate Moss easy, chic for 15 years now. [LAUGH] As we all have been, it's not easy, but it's good inspiration. I love men in a tux, in a suit. I love when men are dressed up. I think men should dress up more and love a good you know, Tom Ford suit a Calvin Klein tux. I'm probably less put together than I actually like men to be. Like I like men clean put together outfit whereas I look like a hobo most of the time. I have this t-shirt that is basically. Falling apart at this point. It's mm, it's an old vintage, bright yellow t-shirt that's from Crazy Eddies. Crazy Eddie was an electronics salesman in New York, a long time ago and it says, Crazy Eddie, his prices are insane! And this t-shirt is like kind of hideous. And should have been tossed out years ago but it carries such emotional value to me. I've had it since the seventh grade. I which you know, at that point I was wearing it with corduroy bell bottoms. Like burgundy corduroy bell bottoms. Don't wear it with does anymore. [SOUND] [MUSIC]
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