Julianne Moore Is Our October Cover Girl! Get a Sneek Peek at Her InStyle Cover Shoot


The fabulous Julianne Moore is InStyle's cover girl this October -- for the fourth time! Moore has previously appeared on our cover in March 2011, March 2006, and April 2004. With her film resume always growing and a successful line of children's books under her belt, the star has come a long way since we first interviewed her. "I feel very much in the middle of my life," she said. "Being in a relationship for 17 years, having kids who are not babies anymore, living in the house we want to live in, and enjoying the work I do." Watch the video above to go behind-the-scenes at her shoot, where she talks about her favorite outfit from her feature, her biggest wardrobe splurges, and more. Then read more about Julianne in InStyle's October issue, on newsstands Friday, September 20!

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[MUSIC] My favorite outfit was this, was a Dries Van Noten. Not that I took a picture of, in case that I have an event that I can wear it to. It was, it was black pants with sort of a, kind of an apron in front of it and then peaches sort of shift with marabou feathers. It sounds awful when I talk about it, but it's beautiful. [MUSIC] I've splurged several times over the years. It's always coats actually. It's usually really elaborate, expensive coat. My mother brought an Aran sweater back from London years ago when I was 12, and it still fits me, and I don't think I could ever get rid of it. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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