You #AskKat: Help! How Can I Fix Over-plucked Eyebrows?


We've all been there: Up late one night, you treat yourself to an at-home face mask, when suddenly, you spot a stray eyebrow hair in the mirror. "I'll just take care of that quickly," you say to yourself, reaching for your trusty tweezers. But wait—there's another errant strand. And another. And another. And before you know it, your eyebrows are just, well, gone, girl.

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Even our advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger—she of some of our more envied brows—has been there. "When I was in ninth grade I was at my friend's house and her mom had an eyebrow waxer come over, and when she was walking by me, she stopped and made fun of me by calling (my eyebrows) 'little commas,'" Kat recalls. (You'll find photographic evidence of these aforementioned punctuation marks in the video above!) That, Kat says, is when she went on her quest for perfect brows. (And can we say we think she nailed it!)

Growing out your brows is one of the hardest things to do Kat admits—"there's nothing cute about it," she says—but when you're done, "it's amazing."

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So, what can you do for brows that wow? For starters, Kat advises always enlisting the help of a pro—in fact, she admits to hiding her tweezers from herself. "That's something that has really helped me," she says.

She does, however, keep the following tools handy: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duality ($23;; Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil ($23;; and Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel ($22; To find out how she uses these products, plus for more of her tips on growing out and perfectly shaping your brows, watch the video above. Happy grooming!

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Hi guys. I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger, and for this week's episode of Ask Kat, we're going to talk about something that I think everyone can relate to which is over plucking your eyebrows. [LAUGH]. For this week's question, it comes from Emily on Facebook and she asks, what's the best way to grow out your eyebrows after over plucking? Over plucking your eyebrows is one of the hardest beauty mistakes to fix, but when you do fix it, it makes a huge difference on your face, because eyebrows really do frame your whole face. So, when I was, I believe it was when I was in ninth grade, I was at my friend's house and her mom had a eyebrow waxer come over and when she was walking by me, she stopped and she made fun of my eyebrows by calling them little commas and telling me that they were not good. So, immediately, then, I began my quest to grow out my eyebrows. Growing out your eyebrows is embarrassing, it looks bad, and there's nothing cute about it. But it's something that when you actually are completed doing, it's amazing and you will thank God that you did it. So after you go through the long process of actually growing out your eyebrows, that gives you much more room to shape your eyebrows properly. It's important to make sure that the arch of your eyebrow matches up with the outer edge of your nostril if you're drawing a diagonal line. And also very important that you kind of keep the line that goes straight up here, keeping that forward is really important cuz it creates a long nice brow. No one ever likes a skinny, little rinky-dink brow. Just to clarify, everyone likes a bold nicely shaped brow. And when you go through the process of growing them out. You can allow for your eyebrow waxer to be able to have more liberty to shape them. So once you grow out your eyebrows and get them shaped by a professional person. Do not do it yourself. I do not recommend anyone doing eyebrows yourself. It's dangerous, you don't know how many hairs you're going to pluck yourself. I've totally hidden my tweezers from myself, so I don't get tempted at all, and that has also really helped me, but I have, I have eyebrows but I don't have very full eyebrows, so I like to be able to fill them in a little bit when I need to do my makeup. The tools I use are the Anastasia Brow Duality Pencil, that adds a little bit of shimmer to the under part of your eyebrow and the arch, which is amazing when you want to shape your eyebrow. To fill in my eyebrow, I use this Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil. And to finish it off. Sometimes if I'm going somewhere I need to look really good. I use this tinted brow gel, which just kind of keeps your eyebrows in place. You don't have to, kind of worry about moving them up. Or making sure that they look good. Okay, so the first step that I usually do, is I take this brow duality pencil and I, it has two different colors, so you can choose whichever one you want. I prefer the mat side, and I usually just take it and I go underneath my eyebrow. And I put extra part here on the brow arch, and then I just lightly smudge it in. This part of your eyebrow should always be lighter cause it frames your face a little bit better. So once you're done with that step, you can move on to actually using the perfect brow pencil. These come in tons of different colors, so make sure you find out which. Brow color is best for your eyebrows and make sure it matches your hair. So the great thing about this pencil is that it comes with a little brow comb so you can kind of keep brushing up your brow as you kind of go along with filling it in. So I like to start with brushing up my eyebrow hair so I can kind of see where they're all gonna be in place. At that day cuz it changes every day. And then I just kind of go in lightly. And I go the way that my brow hair is going so it doesn't look super obvious that you have, you know, fillers in your eyebrow. I'm lightly adding color to my eyebrow. You see a lot of girls who add color to their eyebrow and it looks like a perfect Nike sign with your eyebrow and that's not cute. You should make it look as natural as possible. And that's what's great about this pencil is when you follow along with your eyebrow hair, it makes it looks really natural. So you can never really tell that you have you know, eyebrow pencil. Kind of filled in with your actual eyebrow. Once you're done filling in your eyebrows I like to use this tinted brow gel. They sell this tinted and not tinted so it's really up to you which one you want to use. This just allows your eyebrows to kind of stay in the place that you keep them when you use the little brush to keep up your eyebrow hair. So you can just very gently, it looks like a mascara wand so you know how to use it already, and you just very gently kind of go over your eyebrow hair very lightly. And just brush it a little bit and it will just keep your eyebrow hairs up so they kind of maintain a very clean and good look throughout your day. Growing out your eyebrows can be an embarrassing and very long process, but the end results are so worth it. Make sure you guys tune in next week for a new episode of Ask Kat.
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