You #AskKat: What Key Pieces Should I Invest In for My Wardrobe?

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We all love to shop, but it can quickly become an expensive habit. With that in mind, our Twitter follower Claire asked Katherine Schwarzenegger,'s new advice columnist, what key pieces she should invest in for her wardrobe. "To me, investment pieces are pieces that are going to hold you through for a long time," says Shauna Miller, the brains behind the blog Penny Chic (and Kat's good friend!). "It also doesn't necessarily have to be a choice between spending money and not spending money," she continues. "It can also just be spending time versus spending money, because if you spend time, you can actually find things, whether it's at the flea market or a big box store."

To see what key pieces Miller says you should put the effort into, plus how she made this strategy work for Kat, watch the video above, and submit your own question for Kat on InStyle‘s Facebook page, or on Twitter by tagging @KSchwarzenegger and @InStyle using the hashtag #AskKat.

Plus, tune in next week to see what conundrum Kat tackles next!


[MUSIC] Hi guys. I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger, and this is Ask Kat for, where I'll be answering one question each week. This week for our reader question, I've enlisted the help from my dear friend. Author and Fashion Expert, Shawna Miller. This week's question comes from @ClaireCStern on Twitter. And she asks: I don't have a lot of money to spend, but I don't mind investing in some key pieces. What should they be? That's actually a really good question and, it's something I deal with a lot on my blog Penny Chic. And my answer to that question. Is when you talk about investment pieces, to me that's really pieces that are gonna hold you through for a long time. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a choice between spending money and not spending money. It can also just be spending time versus spending money. Because if you spend enough time, you can actually find things. Whether it's the flea market at you know, a big box store that you know, a, a drug store you can actually invest that time to find those key pieces. whereas, you know, some more expensive items will hold you through, without having to waste the time. That's actually a good point. Yeah. That's the way I look at it. So, as far as that goes, I would say those key pieces would be things like a statement necklace that can really make a t-shirt and jeans pop, a well-fitted blazer which is something you're gonna wear, you know, to work, and maybe out on a Saturday. Great night with friends to cover up. And won't ever go out of style. And never would go out of style. You want to make sure that fits well thought. A chambray shirt, which I know you love too. Yes. I always see you wearing one. I love J. Crew's chambray shirt. A pair of booties which is sometimes seasonless in summer and fall and winter and a versatile dress that takes you from day to night. That's. Those are kind of my key pieces and I think they can totally be done and workable for you. Okay, so remember that time that you styled me for that amazing event? Yes. Let's talk about it. Yeah, so what we did was we took the dress, put a really loud accent statement necklace with colors and rhinestones. Do you remember that? Yes, I do. I loved it. And, and that's the kind of statement necklace I'm talking about. Something that can turn. A more, you know, simple silhouette or a black you know, garment into something that's more customized that describes your personal style. Mm-hm. Yeah, and it worked really well because the necklace was like a great investment piece. Yes. But then this dress, which is a Penny Chic dress is only $20 so that was the. Save in this whole outfit that we were planning. Exactly. And it worked out perfectly and I've gotten insane use out of both the dress and the necklace. Exactly, so it's about having that balance. Yeah. So in that case, like you said the statement necklace was the investment piece. Mm-hm. It was a sturdier piece. I think it was from J Crew. Yeah. Heavier. And the dress in this case is light, it's jersey. So there it is, a little high-low. [LAUGH] There you have it guys, the key pieces that every woman should have in her closet. If you have food, fashion, beauty or home decor questions, make sure that you submit them online via social media using the hashtag #askkat. Bye guys.
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