You #AskKat: What Are Your Day-to-Night Makeup Tricks?

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As much as we'd like there to be, there isn't always time after work to go home, wash our faces, and refresh our makeup for that evening's festivities. And as the season of after-work parties approaches (Christmas is just 69 days away!) the need for a new look different than the one you wore to work increases. So, what can you do? Here's Katherine Schwarzenegger to the rescue:

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"Over the years, I have learned amazing tips from my makeup artists that have been truly life-changing,"'s advice columnist says in the video above. The best part about her three-step routine? It takes less than five minutes!

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Get all the details by watching the video above, and send in your fashion, beauty, wellness or home decor questions for Kat now on InStyle‘s Facbook page, or on Twitter by tagging @KSchwarzenegger and @InStyle using the hashtag #AskKat.

Be sure to tune in next week to see what conundrum Kat tackles next!

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[MUSIC] Hi guys. I'm Katherine Swartzenager and this is Ask Kat for where I'll be answering one of your guy's questions per week. This week's question is from Amanda Story on Facebook and she asks, what are you favorite makeup tricks. For going from the office to an evening out. Over the years, I have learned amazing tips from my makeup artists that have been truly life changing. I think the best thing to do when you're going from the office to a fun little dinner is to first add a pop of lip color. Another great tip to do is to add liquid winged eyeliner, that adds for a dramatic look to your eyes, and it's always really cute and also very sexy. And then the last thing that I am a huge fan of is doubling up on mascara. I put ton on, I use five different mascaras, and it always adds that extra drama that you need to your eyes. After a long day at the office so it really makes it a great, fun look for any dinner party. The best part about this beauty routine is that it takes under five minutes and it's super easy to do wherever you're going. If you have questions about food, fashion, beauty or home decor make sure that you submit your questions online using. Using the hashtag askKat. I'll see you guys next week here on
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