New #AskKat: How to Style Long Layers

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Dying to master the classic tousled-beach-wave look? Look no further than this week’s episode of #AskKat. In today’s video, InStyle advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger shows us her new hairstyling routine after trimming nearly nine inches off her locks. While her hair may still look long, the lifestyle expert says her new ‘do has taken some serious getting used to. That being said, the always-stylish Schwarzenegger said she’s still having a lot of fun experimenting with her new, fresh look.

Since taking the plunge and chopping her locks shorter, the 26-year-old has stayed true to her signature, tousled waves. But because of her now shorter length and some newly added layers, she’s having “a lot more fun styling her hair and playing with it.”

In the video above, Schwarzenegger coaches us through her hair styling routine and even offers some product recommendations for viewers to try at home. First, Schwarzenegger recommends getting a larger barrel curling iron or wand. (Think: 1- to 1.5-inch around.) Next, for some added “texture, body, and volume,” Schwarzenegger sprays Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Dryspun Finish spray (; $16) at her roots. To finish the look, Schwarzenegger recommends having a stronghold hair spray on hand, such as the L’Oreal’s Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray (; $7), which she uses because she loves how it smells.

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The Bumble and Bumble spray is great because “you don’t have to tease your hair and you get a lot of really great body and movement,” Schwarzenegger said. “And, I like the feeling of it because I am not a huge fan of how my hair feels when it’s really clean.”

Starting with the left side of her hair and working her way around, Schwarzenegger first sections her hair off in two parts and begins by styling the bottom half of her hair. Before curling, she first sprays her roots with the aforementioned Bumble and Bumble product for added volume and lift. Next, she begins curling her hair into randomly sized sections.

“I don’t do my hair very perfectly because I think it looks sexier when you don’t have everything perfectly structured out,” Schwarzenegger said.

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And, there you have it! With just a few go-to products and a wide-barrel curling iron or wand, you, too, can have sexy beachy hair in minutes. Just be sure to run your fingers through your hair at the very end to get that highly sought-after, less-than-perfect curl.

What You’ll Need:
Large barrel curling iron or wand (1” to 1.5”)
A stronghold hair spray
A thickening spray for texture


[MUSIC] Hey guys I'm Katherine Swartanegger and this ask Kat for So I recently cut off a large chunk of my hair. I think it ended up being around nine inches total which was a really big change for me. I know it still looks long but for me it, It's a very big change. So today, what I'm going to show you is how I've been styling my hair since I've cut it all off. It's a little bit similar to what I did in the past, but I have a lot more layers now, so it's more fun to do and it's also more fun to play with so I can change the part and things like that. So what you're going to need is a larger barreled curling iron The next thing that you're gonna need is a strong hold hairspray. I love the smell of this hairspray, so I have been using this. I also love the smell and the product overall in the Drybar products. And then another thing that I've been using since I have all these layers now is the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish. I Kind of part my hair in various places and I spray it down at the root and just kind of mess with it, and you don't have to tease your hair. You get a lot of really great body and movement. And I like the feeling of it, because I'm not a huge fan of the way my hair feels when it's really clean. So this kind of gives you a little bit of texture, body, and volume. I'm gonna start with the left side of my hair. So I'll pin that side back and I always kind of do the bottom first. A lot of people think this is a very weird way to do your hair. So the first thing that I usually do after I section my hair off, is I take this Bumble and Bumble spray and I just spray at the, Part. [MUSIC] And then I'll just kind of section off pieces. Again, I don;t do my hair very perfectly, because I think it looks sexier when you don't have everything perfectly structured out, so I'll take a bigger chunk of a piece here, a smaller chunk next So, you can either do it that way or you can do it more precisely. And then you just kind of let it go. It'll look a little bit tight right now, but then at the end I'm gonna run my fingers through it. And you can just do another light spray. Now we're gonna do the right side. Another thing that I've changed since I have short hair now is shorter hair. I do bigger sections when I'm curling because I think it looks better in the end. Okay. So now that we're done, I'm going to spray [MUSIC] Everything a little bit. Take your hands and run your fingers through your hair to kind of loosen up what you have going on. So as you can see, I don't even really need to do any teasing for the volume because this product gives you a very full, Look with your hair and yeah you can just kind of mess with it. You can kind of flip your head over if you wanna get extra body which I will do now for you. [MUSIC] So you just kind of mess with it. Run your hands through it. Massage the root. That gives it a lot of volume. I like it. So I hope you do too. Make sure if you guys have any questions about your hair about make up really about anything make sure to submit them online via social media and use the #askKat. Make sure to tune in next week. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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