New #AsKat: How to Stylishly Arrange Your Bookcase


The bookcase: It can become a magnet for clutter, and therefore an unsightly eyesore in an otherwise well styled home. "Poorly styled bookcases are riddling America, because people have too much stuff," laughs Emily Henderson, home stylist, author, and TV host, as well as this week's #AskKat guest. Now, thanks to the video above, the bookcase no longer has to be the bane of your home's existence. advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger says she's always looking to mix things up when it comes to her new home, so "I'm really excited for her to help me restyle it," she says. A few of Henderson's tips? Work within a color palette, add sculptural items, and don't forget a personal touch. 

For more from Henderson, watch the video above. Soon enough, your bookcase will be just as stylish as you are. Have a home, fashion, beauty, or lifestyle conundrum you'd like Kat to answer? Submit it on social media using the hash tag #AskKat

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Hi guys, I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger and this is Ask Kat for And this week we are here with home style expert, Emily Henderson. Hi guys. And she is going to show me how to style my book case. I've lived in this apartment for a few months now and I always like to mix things up, so I'm really excited for her to help me restyle them. Let's do it. Let's do it. Okay, so badly styled, is that the right word? Poorly styled? Did I poorly style my bookcase? [LAUGH] No, you didn't. But poorly styled bookcases are just, like, you know, riddling America, basically, because you've got too much stuff. Yeah. They're just, like, throwing stuff up there, and they like all the individual pieces, but when you get them all together, unless you have some sort of method to it, it just looks like chaos. Okay. So you've done a good job with these books. Its always good to work within a color palette. so you don't have to be supper you know like you right here black white red and pink and it make it look all cookie cutter and then I like to rotate the books so that you have some that are horizontal like these and some that are vertical like these. And also, see how it keeps you eye bouncing, so like horizontal, horizontal, horizontal, the vertical, vertical vertical. So you don't want all the vertical on one side and all the horizontal in the other side. Fluidity. Yeah, fluidity. All right, so you have all these rectangular objects, otherwise known as books. So now we need to add some more sculptural objects. So you have this really cute bookend, just add that there. Hold this guy. Let's put him there. See how they're just adding more of a contrast in shape. Put that right here. Yeah, alright it's coming along. The bookcase is a really good place to display smaller pieces of art. So you have this guy, which could be cute too. Just being in there. Awesome. And then, you always do something personal. You don't want it to look like a catalog, or like somebody else styled it, like me. [LAUGH] You gonna do it anyway. Yeah. [LAUGH] So it's always good to add a little bit of you in here, assuming that this is you. [LAUGH] Luckily it is. Good, perfect. And then a little bit of quirk. So is there anything that we should know about putting too much? Like when do you know when to stop? You want every shelf to feel engaged right. You don't want it to be half empty. But at the same time if you have too many small pieces it will look really chaotic. So I think balancing some larger accessories with some smaller ones, Mm-hm. is key And just not having a bunch of small accessories. You mean so I wouldn't put this butterfly with this animal cuz it would be too [UNKNOWN] Yeah, and it would compete and fight. It's like telling your eye what to do whereas if you just had all the hot pink and red here, that would look weird and it would look really off-balance. There you are, your well-styled bookcase. Thank you so much. I love the way it turned out. I'm obsessed and if you guys have Any food, fashion, beauty, or home decor questions. Make sure to submit them online using the hashtag ask cat, and we'll see you next time. Bye guys.
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