You #AskKat: How Do I Create a Stylishly Messy Bun?

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A messy bun is the perfect look for summer. Whether you are out to brunch, at work, or running errands, sweeping your strands into a classic updo is the best way to keep your hair up off your neck when temps have heated up.

For advice on how to create the perfect messy boho bun, we turned to lifestyle expert and advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger, who gave us this fresh take on the messy bun in the video above. Her step-by-step instructions ensure anyone can pull off the look at home.

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You'll need:

Curling iron (1” to 1.5” barrel)
Teasing comb and/or brush
Hair elastic (preferably the same color as your hair)
Bobby pins

For the full how-to, watch the video above, and submit your own question for Kat on social media using the hash tag #AskKat. Be sure to tune in next week to see what problem she tackles next!

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[MUSIC] Hi guys, I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger. And this is Ask Kat on So for this week's video, I thought I would show you guys how to do a fun Messy bun which is a great hairstyle for summer. So what you are going to need to do this hairstyle, is first a mirror so, I am using this little vanity kit. Then, you are going to need a curling iron. You are going to need a some sort of hairspray just to give it a little be more texture. And you're going to need some sort of a teasing brush. I have both options because I know this is the correct way to do it, and this is the way that I tend to do it. And so either one is fine. You're going to need a hair elastic, preferably one that's whatever color your hair is. This, I'm aware is not the color of my hair, but that's fine. Then you'll need an ample amount of body pins. The first thing you're going to do is style your hair. For me, I like to have a beachier wave, which you can kind of see here. This is a great tool to use, kind of a bigger barrel tool, so I like to leave the ends out a little bit so it's a little More beachy looking. And then I just kinda hold it for a few seconds. And then, [SOUND] let it out. And then you can, obviously, go through the rest of your hair and do this. I washed my hair last night. So, my hair isn't super clean right now. Which is gonna be more helpful for me. You will want to use a hairspray after you use the hot iron. Just spray your hair a little bit so it will get some texture in it. Any hairspray will do, but preferably not a hairspray that gives your hair that crunchy texture. The next thing you will do is tease your hair. So you can take. One of these two kinds of brushes, and tease the back of your hair first. You're gonna start with the crown area and brush it back, gather it. You're just gonna tease the base of your hair to give some volume. To your messy bun. Okay, so when you've teased it then you'll tease the sides here. And this is just to add some volume to it when you put your hair back in the bun, so it has a little bit. [MUSIC] On the sides and on the base of the back. So you'll take each side, spray it a little bit. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND] So you spray So once you have your hair teased so there's a lot of volume. So you'll grab some pieces that are like right around here and you can either twist it, I like to twist it and then pin it back, or you can just pull it back if you don't wanna little twisted look. You'll seek a bobby pin. Pin it back at the very middle of your head so the bobby pins are blended in when you put the rest of your hair up. And then you'll do the same thing on this side. Pin it in the back so you have kind of A kinda like princess vibe going on here. You're gonna wanna just lean your head back, grab a hair elastic and then very loosely gather your hair at the very base of your hairline here. You're gonna just gather it. Does not have to be perfect. And just tie the Hair [INAUDIBLE] stick and give yourself kind of a loose, low ponytail. So once you have your hair in a low ponytail, you're gonna grab the ponytail and begin to wrap it around very loosely around the hair lactic to kind of give yourself a bun. So [MUSIC] Pieces of my hair are gonna pop out as I do this. Because I have layers, and that's totally fine. Because that will add to the effect of having a messy bun. And once I have it in a bun, I'm just gonna use these bobby pins, and pin my hair up. And make sure it's secure. Okay so this is what it looks like when you put all the bobby pins in. So I like to have some pieces in the front so I'm just gonna take some of these shorter pieces and leave them out and pin the longer ones in the back. So I you want to do that you just literally go like this, take a bobby pin, pin it in the back. [music]. Make sure when you pin things with a bobby pic, you don't pin them really tightly because you want to have kind of a looser look on the sides. So once you have everything pinned the way yu want it to be pinned and you have your pieces coming out you can kind of tug at the sides, just to loosen it up just a little bit. And then you're going to just do kind of one final spray with your hairspray just to kind of hold everything And there you go a messy bun which is great for the summer and also really easy to do if your hair is dirty or clean. If you guys have a food, fashion, beauty, or decor question make sure you submit via social media using the hashtag askKAT. Make sure you turn in next week for a new episode. See you later. [MUSIC].
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