New #AskKat: How to DIY Faux Marble Containers at Home

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Just the thought of DIY projects can be overwhelming, especially when the supply list is a mile long and there are a lot of complicated steps. In this week’s episode of #AskKat, InStyle advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger teamed up with DIY expert Erica Domesek from P.S. I Made This to demo an easy—and totally chic—DIY project: faux marble containers. We guarantee that this project will sell you on at-home crafting. And, the best part is, these swanky containers are simple, sophisticated, and only require a few easy steps.

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What You’ll Need:
Contact paper with marble design ($11,
A square-shaped container ($2 to $4,
Marking tool (i.e. pencil, pen)


[MUSIC] Hey guys, I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger, and this is Ask Kat for And today, we're here doing a fun little DIY project with the DIY expert, Erica Domesek of P.S. I made this, which is so awesome. She is going to show us how to make faux marble makeup holders, and other kinds of holders, right? Yeah. It's a convertible holder. You can use it for accessories, makeup, flowers, but the reason why I love it so much So much, is because it's all about re-inventing and repurposing something. I love finding something at home and finding a new use for it. So all you need to create any type of faux marble, you need the actual contact paper. Now the type of vessel, doesn't have to be clear, but I happen to have so many of these But if you like them Container Store's a great source. A trusty pair of scissors, get your ruler, and a little marking tool and that is all you need. All right, I'm gonna do this tall slender one, kinda like you. [UNKNOWN] This is the Katherine one. I call this one the Katherine. [LAUGH] Can you tell? So, you know, I want to measure each side and like to save as much as I can. So I'll start from the side. Now even though this is a straight edge, I just like to use a ruler too. And that's our. The shape we want to cut out. You've got your four, because that's a different size container and I have four that I've already pre-cut here. Okay. And we're simply going to stick them on. Luckily, this is a small surface, but if you're covering a larger surface you might not be able to do it so fast, so I want to make sure that it's really on there good. So keep that ruler around. So you will smooth it out. And the top, I'm gonna fold that in. Look at that. That looks great! Okay, so you need two more sides, we can figure this out, and you just need to cut it right to that. You are an expert. I feel like to got this. And then it will be complete like this. So, these look absolutely amazing. I am obsessed with these. And you can put, like you can literally do anything with these. You can put little chocolates, little flowers May look, by the way, so chic, very cute. I love them. Thank you so much, Erica, for showing us how to make these. Thank you for having me. Check out PS I Made This, she's a genius, and we'll see you guys next time. And make sure if you have any other questions that you submit them via social media using #AskKat. See you guys next time. [MUSIC]
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