New #AskKat: A Faux Bob How-To with Katherine Schwarzenegger


At this year’s American Music Awards, Gigi Hadid arrived with her hair tucked into a super convincing faux bob 'do that looked just like the real thing. The look on Hadid was so chic, we decided to give it a whirl—with the help of InStyle advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger. In this week’s episode of #AskKat, Schwarzenegger taps Frederic Fekkai hairstylist Jacob Khachatryan, who shows us how to get the look in minutes.

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All you’ll need is a hair elastic, bobby pins, a curling iron, and some dry shampoo. No scissors needed, but you may have to channel your inner Gigi in the process. Happy styling!


[BLANK_AUDIO] Hey guys, I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger and this is Ask Kat for And today, we're here with the lovely Jacob from the Frederic Fekkai Salon. And he's gonna show us how To do a faux bob, which we've recently seen on Gigi Hadid at the AMAs and I'm really excited because you guys will be able to learn how to do it at home. And if you're thinking about cutting your hair any time soon, it's a great little practice run before you actually chop your locks. So the first thing you wanna do after curling the hair, you wanna use a little bit of a dry shampoo. Just to create the texture you want to play with, you just want to section the hair like this. Very gently I'm gonna gather everything into a nice loose ponytail. You want to do the ponytail a little bit lower below the nape here so you can have some room for you to tuck that ponytail under. Going to loop this, roll this up and under. Just like that. Make sure you get all the little pieces and the ends. You can see me using a bobby pin. So you're using big bobby pins and small bobby pins right? Actually I'm gonna stick to the big ones because you have a lot of hair. [LAUGH] This is great to. Holding the texture together. What you wanna do next is you wanna just kind of play around the front a little bit. Create a bit, a bit of a looser swing in the front. And your final step is you wanna use a little bit of the hair spray just to kind of finish the texture. Do I look like Gigi Hadid, a better brunette version? [LAUGH] You look like the cat version of Gigi Hadid. So, here's the final look. I'm absolutely obsessed with this faux bob concept. I'm definitely gonna use this on a fun girls' night out. Thank you so much, Jacob, for all of your help. These Fredric Fekkai products smell so amazing, my hair's gonna look great all day long, and I look like I cut my hair, when I really didn't. So, if you guys wanna try this at home, go ahead, let us know how it goes, and make sure if you have any questions, that you submit them online via social media, using the hashtag ask kat. See ya next time. [MUSIC]
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