New #AskKat: Learn How to Decorate a Cupcake Like a Pro


Looking to whip up some high-class, homemade cupcakes? Look no further than this week's episode of #AskKat. This time around, advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger has recruited cupcake expert and Sprinkles Cupcakes founder, Candace Nelson, to help us achieve expertly crafted cupcakes at home.

"There's nothing better than home-baked cupcakes, but, I feel like if you are going to make them at home, you need to take that next step to make them look really professional," Nelson says in the video above. 

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If you feel a little anxious about your baking skills—or lack there ofhere's a spoiler alert: Nelson's cupcake decorating method is totally doable and turns out beautiful results. The best part? Her mantra when frosting a cupcake is "the more frosting the better." Um, yum.

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For more from Nelson, watch the video above and if you have a home, fashion, beauty, or lifestyle question you'd like Kat to answer next, submit it on social media using the hashtag #AskKat. 


Hi guys, I'm Catherine Schwarzenegger and this is Ask Kat for And I am so excited about this week's episode because we have the amazing Candace Nelson here from Sprinkles Cupcakes and she's gonna show us How to decorate a cupcake. So show me. Well, you know Catherine, there's nothing better than home-baked cupcakes. But I feel like if you're going to make them at home, you need to kind of take that next step to make them look really professional. And we did take the next step by making this very grand display. But I'm going to fill you in on some of the secrets of Sprinkles cupcakes that you may not have noticed, because you just sort of look at a Sprinkles and you think oh Pretty, like cute perfect looking cupcakes. But there was a lot of thought that went into it. And I'm gonna start by showing you our frosting technique. Okay, so this is vanilla. This is vanilla on vanilla, and the key is you wanna start with more frosting than less because you can always take it off. And at Sprinkles we're known for sort of our signature swirl, and you can see them on the cupcakes that are already done here. So what you'd want to do is take your office spatula. Should I do this with you? Yeah go for it. And smooth it around the top of the cupcake. Maybe I'll do a red velvet just to mix it up a little bit. Absolutely. Does that do, what frosting does that- You know what, get crazy with it. Okay I'll do chocolate. It'll taste good no matter what. Mix it up. Create your own Katherine cupcake. [LAUGH] I like it. Okay so we start with more frosting. Start with more frosting than less. Keep smoothing it around until you have just sort of a nice, pretty palette for whatever you're gonna decorate with. At Sprinkles, we use this sort of really graphic, modern dots and other sort of fondant decorations that are really cute. OK so let's explain what fondant is. I naturally did not know what that was. Fondant is the best. Fondant is like sugar play dough. And fondant is what they use to roll out and put over wedding cakes so it has that sort of smooth, lovely look to it. But it's great to roll out. In color, whatever color you want. And make fun little decorations. So I'm gonna put a little ombre color story on these cupcakes with these hearts, and would say- You're gonna make me cut my own, right? I know it. Oh yes, you're gonna have to roll out and cut your own. There are no short cuts here. Cuz I mean, that looks beautiful. Take one of those balls, roll it out with this is a fondant roller. Okay so I roll it out just like dough, your traditional dough. Exactly perfect and take your cutter. This? Yep you got it. [MUSIC] You got a little heart, it's very very sweet. Oh look! Look, a little heart. [LAUGH] So, as you can see if we stick with a certain color palette, and sort of like a decorative scheme it doesn't matter what color your frosting is. You can tell that they're all meant to be together, they're all friends. So, I'm gonna show you another more sort of monochromatic color scheme. Okay. So grab whatever cupcake you want, but let's frost it with vanilla frosting. Okay. And I love that your motto is to use more frosting. You're a frosting person. I'm more of a cake person. But we can all get along. Well we would get along perfectly because you could have the bottom of the cupcake. [LAUGH] And I would just steal the top. It would actually be a match made in heaven. Yeah, it'd be perfect. So I've just covered my thin, little cupcake in white sprinkles. And you just dipped it? Just roll it, roll it around. Go crazy. So fun. Fun, right? And you have like instant success. You don't even need to worry. It always looks good. And you can put it down right there. And this is sort of another idea is just working with different decorations but keeping it within a color scheme. I love that you make everything like a story. It's like so much more than baking. It's like a whole aesthetic vibe to it Well Candice, thank you so much for being here and I cannot wait to have all of these cupcakes. [LAUGH] Bring them to my Mom's house. I'm so excited. And if you have a food, fashion, beauty, or decor question, make sure you submit them online using the hashtag #askkat. See you guys next week.
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