New #AskKat: Make Your Coffee Table Look Chic (Not Cluttered!) in 4 Easy Steps


In many homes, the coffee table serves as the focal point of the living room. It's where people often gather, and where the eye is naturally drawn. So why not make sure it's nice to look at?

“You have the coffee table. It’s big and pretty, but if left empty, it’s pretty boring,” says Emily Henderson, home stylist, TV host and author, as well as this week’s #AskKat guest. By watching the video above, you can be sure that your coffee table is something you are eager to display, rather than hide away. And the best part is, all it takes to make your coffee table look chic (not cluttered!) is four simple steps. 

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[MUSIC] Hi guys, I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger, and this is Ask Kat for And this week we have home style expert Emily Henderson here. Hello. Hello, to show us how to properly decorate your coffee table in four easy steps. [SOUND] Let's do it. Okay, so you have this coffee table. It's big and pretty, but if it's left empty, it's really boring, especially because you have all these pretty things you can put on it. But if you just throw everything on the coffee table, then it can look messy and busy and cluttered. So, here's what I like to start with. I like to start with something that grounds the coffee table, so for instance, this tray and these books, and if it's a big coffee table, get a bigger tray. Don't just get a little tiny tray. Move that about six inches that way. Okay. Yeah. And then, second you want to have a variation of different colors, different textures, different styles. Third tip is, if you just have a bunch of these little things together, it looks a little bitsy, so, what you do is, you corral them in this tray. Smart. like this so it doesn't look so... Messy, yes. I don't really want this guy to be here. This guy here. Candle [INAUDIBLE] common things on coffee tables would be candles and books, right? Yes, I think so. You want your house to smell nice, right? And so like a candle, and these things, they're fun to show off too, they're very pretty. And you also need your magnifying glass- I can't see. For when you can't see. I can't see what that is so we know how important that is. Okay, so you've corralled all your little things so it's not just a bunch of little things all over the coffee table. And I like putting dishes on top of books so it's not just like a flat plane, so as a little sculptural element on top of the books. And then, the fourth tip is, always sense to add something with height and something that has more of a sculptural element Flowers do the trick. A potted plant could work as well. But it just kind of helps round it out. And we've also kind of worked in our rule of threes here. You need to tell me the rule of threes because I wasn't aware of that. Okay Three things or odd number things look better to your eye. Okay. It is also by the way nice to not have everything on the exact same plane. So, see how they're kinda staggered. Variation. It makes it look effortless, like I just threw them here. So sweet. Done! All right, here's your coffee table, all styled up. Awesome. I love it. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for doing this video. I absolutely love my new style of coffee table. And if you guys have any food, fashion, beauty, or home decor questions, make sure you submit your questions online using the hashtag #askKAT. See you guys next time. Bye guys. [MUSIC]
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