Ashley Greene: 60 Seconds of Style


The Twilight Saga star dishes about her laid-back style and the secret behind her impossibly glowy skin. NEXT MONTH: Exclusive Taylor Lautner video!


[MUSIC] I grew up in Florida, so it's very flip-flops, jeans and then a cute top, like a wife beater. And you know, I'll even go out with like skinny jeans, wife beater with like a big piece and heels. Otherwise red carpets, I'm a very big fan of Dolce Gabbana. Most of the time very sleek stuff. Because I feel like I have kinda small features and so if it's big, it kinda overwhelms me a bit. My bags are usually staples for me and I have this amazing black Gucci bag that I have worn, I think, everyday since I bought it. Recently, to get in shape for New Moon, I I've begun doing Pilates and I absolutely love it. The biggest thing I found I just started using Biore products and they've done really good things for me skin. Because it gives you the kind of glowy thing and having to be as pale as I have been lately, it's, it's really good to have some type of glow on your face [LAUGH]. [MUSIC]
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