Ashley Graham on the 20 Things She Can’t Live Without

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Is there anything Ashley Graham can’t do? When she’s not judging up-and-comers on America’s Next Top Model or designing the perfect body-con dress, the supermodel moonlights as InStyle’s boss contributing editor, helping women of all sizes figure out exactly what to wear and more importantly, how to wear it. And after spending years in the makeup chair for modeling gigs, it seems Graham has become quite the beauty pro, too.

That's why when we spent the day with the star on the set of the shoot for her “Great Style Has No Size” column, we played a little game of rapid fire favorites, quizzing her on all of the style intel she’s picked up over the years. First up? Graham’s inspiring beauty philosophy.

“Sexy is a state of mind," she says. “And I feel like that embodies any type of person and woman, who is any age, race, or size.” She also shared the best backstage makeup trick she has discovered (“A highlighter. It's going to wake up your eyes and give you a glow”), her latest lash obsession (Lash Star Beauty), and her signature scent ("Chloé").

On the fashion front, the star chatted about her closet MVP, too. “It’s probably all of my little black dresses," she says. "I never realized how many I have until I cleaned out my closet—about 30!” As for accessories, she gravitates toward “anything Aquazzura” for shoes and still wears her big Givenchy handbag to death. And when it comes to her fashion icon? “I don’t care what anybody says—my ultimate fashion icon is Kim Kardashian,” she says. "Bow down to that booty.”

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To hear all of Graham’s favorites, including her dream vacation spot and her ideal date night (yup, “Netflix and chill”), watch the full video above and keep scrolling to shop her picks. Also check out her “Great Style Has No Size” column in InStyle’s October issue, available on newsstands and for digital download now.


Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $64;


Lash Star Beauty Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara, $35;


Chloé Fluer de Parfum, $105;


Formula X Nail Polish, $11;


Aquazzura sandals, $785;


Ashley Graham Essentials bra, $70;


[MUSIC] Watch out in Ashley Graham and you are in my photo foot set with Instyle. [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] My beauty philosophy is sexy is a state of mind and I feel like that embodies any type of person, any kind of woman who is any age, race, or size. Hair product that I can't live without is dry shampoo. I live on dry shampoo. I don't normally wear foundation on my off duty days but I love Armani and Laura Mercier. Best backstage beauty trick is put a highlighter on me. It's gonna wake up your eyes and it's always gonna give you that sexy glow. My lash obsession is Lash Star Beauty. It's anything and everything eye related. I'm literally obsessed. Favorite lip pick is anything nude glossy. Signature scent is Chloe. Nail obsession is Formula X. I bow down. [MUSIC] This is the day in the life of a model. People touch you all day long. [MUSIC] Right now my fitness obsession is Gleason's Boxing [UNKNOWN] One, two, hook. Dream vacation spot is the Maldives. My favorite Instagram filter is no filter, I like to keep it real. I can't live without Snapchat, the last thing I Snapchatted was this outfit and I said doing business in my slippers. I don't have a signature dish because I don't cook, I'm almost the perfect Woman. [MUSIC] I'm pretty lame when it comes to dating, so my favorite date night is Netflix and chill. [MUSIC] My power outfit is a body con dress. And a high, high stiletto heel. My latest shoe obsession is anything [UNKNOWN], love. The handbag I still am wearing to death is my big [UNKNOWN]. Ashley Graham underwear by [UNKNOWN], duh. Closet MVP is all of my little black dresses. I never realized how many I actually had until I just To clean my closet out, I have about 30. I don't care what anybody says. My fashion ultimate fashion icon is Kim Kardashian. Bow down to that booty. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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