Celebrity Check-In: London Has Fallen Star Angela Bassett Spills Her Secret to Success

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Whether you're rushing to the theater to see her new action-thriller London Has Fallen, or you binged on the latest season of American Horror Story, you can certainly surmise that actress Angela Bassett rules her roles. We couldn't get enough of her cheeky vampire Ramona Royale on the FX series. Now, in London Has Fallen, Bassett plays the head of the Secret Service. So we asked the star to spill a few secrets of her own during a recent visit to InStyle's Manhattan headquarters. With a Hollywood career that spans several decades, you can be sure that she's picked up a few A-list tricks along the way.

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Watch the video above to find out what tricks Bassett steals from her kids, how she maintains her youthful glow, and why her fitness routine will give you some serious arm envy.


[MUSIC] The secret to playing such a girl [UNKNOWN] is confidence. I had a pretty long and rich career, of which I'm really, really very, very grateful for. And I think part of makes it go on and on is that I maintain that gratefulness. Humility, professionalism, and I'm always studying. Studying others, and being inspired by others who I think do marvelous work. The secret to staying young. I think a lot of it's attitude. What's fresh, what's hip, what's new. Stay enthused. You know and finding wonder in moments every day. Because that's what kids do. I have kids and everything is brand new to them. Rest is one of the big secrets to keeping up with kids. Eat healthy, water, hydration but rest I think mainly. And a great positive attitude. [MUSIC] Pulling off different styles throughout the years, the secret is having a great costume designer in your back pocket, and I've had some wonderful ones on each of the sets. A secret for the red carpet. Get you a great glam squad. Makeup, hair, The outfit, feel comfortable in it, like it belongs to you, you love it. you feel happy as soon as you put it on. I think that's the secret to the Red Carpet. How do you stay in such great shape? Well, if you need motivation, sometimes you may have to pay a trainer, someone who will be there, or join a group. Sometimes, I have to join a group, but then we all suffer together. I look over. [LAUGH] They look at me. I look at them. We moan and groan together. And it's over in an hour. And we never say, I wish I hadn't done that. [MUSIC] My number one secret for kicking **** on-screen, a great co-star. [MUSIC].
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