Amanda Seyfried: 60 Seconds of Style

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The young star dishes about her personal style, favorite designers and go-to makeup looks.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Amanda Seyfried and welcome to my InStyle hair coverage shoot. [MUSIC] My favorite things that I wear all the time are all three of my Alexander [INAUDIBLE]. I've got black, beige and gray. Like say a red carpet look was usually. I went to the London film festival to premiere in my movie Chloe. And I wore this sequined Sella Mccartney like, gun metal grey dress. It just fit so well and it slims me down, and I felt really good in this, this perfect look. My go to makeup and hair look at the red carpet always changes because I'm always looking for a different look. Smokey eyes at night and I little a nice cat eyes is always really helpful. You want to look yourself but not, you know, not too naked. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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