Let Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Help You with Your Airport Style


How do you look chic at the airport? It's a search that has launched a thousand Pinterest boards, but it can still feel impossible to pull off. To help, we consulted the chicest lady at the airport: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The 29-year-old style icon sat down on a luggage conveyor belt to teach us a thing or two about the art of airport dressing. Here, Huntington-Whiteley talks her seriously enviable airport style, the 17-piece capsule collection she designed for the cool-girl clothing company Paige, and her absolute must-have in-flight accessory. Stylish travelers, take note!


[MUSIC] Hi InStyle, it's Rosie, and we are shooting for the February issue. And luckily for you, I brought all my baggage along with me today, which you can see, is quite excessive [MUSIC] Well, I would always describe myself as being a jeans and a t-shirt girl. In my [UNKNOWN] on the go, I like comfortable. I like to feel at ease with what I'm wearing. I don't like to feel like I'm being worn by anything. So for the airport I always stick to a pair of jeans, usually from Page. I always think it's. Really great to have jeans with a little bit of stretch in them. That way when you get on the plane, if you're gonna stay in your jeans they stay comfortable, and expand with your body, which is always a plus. And then a t-shirt, a jacket, something like I have on now, which is from my collection. So this is my silk bomber, and I actually designed this with airport dressing in mind and anybody that's touched this has said it feels like a sleeping bag. I live in heels, I really do. I love wearing heels, it makes me feel put together. It's certainly impractical at the airport if you have a lot of walking to do but I'm a sucker for them, I'm just going to say it. [MUSIC]
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