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How to create Alice's smooth, sleek style.


[MUSIC] Hi. This is Andrea. Andrea is modeling for me today for the Alice look. She's already got that great short haircut with all the texture in it. I've put some mousse in her hair as a foundation. And I'm gonna go in with my blow dryer. I'm grabbing my favorite blow dryer now. And I'm just gonna air dry a little bit. Not really air dry but. Finger dry it and them I'm gonna go, I'm gonna round brush to give it some good body and then I will teach you some really cool tricks with an iron. So she's all dry now and I've put some palmade in her hair. When you do that, what you want to do is put the product in your hand and warm it up, don't put it globs right onto the hair, you'll never get rid of it and just really warm it up, just brisk it in your hands and kinda just really lightly put it through the hair and you can see there's not a lot of product in her hair. You don't need it. Cuz what's gonna do the job is gonna be your iron. And this is a midsize iron which is really great because you can use it on real short hair styles like this. And you can also use it on mid length hair or even on hair as long as mine. You can get in there and really get a good straight or you can get a good curve, you, whatever you need to do with this iron, you can do it. And it's small enough that you can get in close to the root on a short haircut. So I'm gonna teach you my trick. What I did to get all that great separation on Ashley's hair was you take the hair and twist it and then while it's still twisted you take your iron and lightly run it over the top. [MUSIC] Just let it sit there. Let it cool off. It's tempting to pull it out too quickly. But then you'll lose everything you just did. And always put your curve on the end of it. You don't wanna do it straight up. You'll have hair that's sticking straight out. Now the very front when we were designing her look. Audrey Hepburn was actually the inspiration. And what she liked the most was that little bang that was just kind of pc and Very kinda pointy. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna pinch the front of that and put the bend on it. Pinch it and put the bend on it. Make sure, when you get your hair cut, that you, they put enough texture in it that you'll be able to do that. They have to really get in there with a razor or they have to scissor, you know slither it out so that you have those little, those little spiky ends, and you're gonna do it all around your face. Now as you know, Ashley has very very long hair and we did this with a wig. When you do it on your own hair it's really much easier. So I'm working my way around her head. Doing my little twisty sections. Giving her really great definition. [MUSIC] Got her bang going. Got her little sides going. And there you go. That's your new look. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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