Alec Baldwin Reading 'Goodnight Moon' Will Give You The Sweetest Dreams

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Little known fact: Alec Baldwin can crush a bedtime story. On Thursday evening, the Saturday Night Live regular posted up in a blanket-strewn chair with one of his babies in each arm. As the little ones sucked on their respective bottle and thumb—excellent choices, all around—the actor picked up a classic storybook and began to read. 

"Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon," he intoned for his rapt audience. He went on to wish a good night to the light, and to the red balloon, and—well, you know the rest.


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Lucky for us, Alec's gorgeous yogi wife Hilaria captured a video of story time, and posted it to Instagram for all to see. To be honest, we may keep this handy for the nights when swigging cherry juice and taking deeep breaths just doesn't lull us to sleep. 

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The technique sure seemed to work for the little cutie on the right! Clutching his cheetah blanket, the babe was pretty much passed out before Alec could even wish the "noises everywhere" a fond goodnight. Round one, dad! 


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