This Heartfelt Samsung Trailer Spotlighting Rio Olympic Hopefuls Will Make You Cry

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SXSW 2016

Although the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are still five months away, tech companies and consumers alike are looking ahead to the competition during Austin's South by Southwest Interactive Festival. Samsung, an official Olympic partner, announced a collaboration with Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville, and we snuck a peek at the trailer (above). Titled A Fighting Chance, the documentary short follows the stories of Olympic hopefuls around the world hoping to overcome odds and compete at the Rio de Janeiro games.

Samsung followed four athletes to remote countries of Lesotho, Vanuatu, and the Dominican Republic to document their stories. The athletes include marathon runner Tsepo Mathibelle, beach volleyball players Miller Pata and Linline Matauatu, and boxer Yenebier Guillen Benitez. Watch the trailer above, and get to know their names—they may just be the talk of summer 2016.

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For more Olympic content as the Rio games approach, check out Samsung's official YouTube channel.


[MUSIC] [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] Winning is everything for this team. It's not only their dream it's the country's dream. [MUSIC] If you were to win a medal that would mean transformation to Lesotho. [MUSIC] For developing nation the Olympics is an unimaginable dream. [MUSIC] Sometimes we compete in a disadvantage. But with a strong will power, we really can compete against giants. [MUSIC] After the cyclone was really hard. We lost everything. [UNKNOWN] finished last in the London Olympics. [MUSIC] He hasn't got access to the right diet. Barely getting the nutrients required for professional athletes. [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] They are athletes, but as soon as they get out of the court, they become mothers. Some of the men, they don't want us to traveling. They don't want us to playing sport. [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] We asked the girls what their dreams are, and they didn't even know what a dream was. Their dream now is to make it through the Olympic games. [MUSIC] I take him to be a very brave athlete. Most athletes would have quit. I would have quit also. I believe this is her last opportunity to win a metal. The warrior spirit, she's got it. If you train hard, work hard, nothing is beyond your reach [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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