Watch Misty Copeland's Inspiring Journey in the A Ballerina's Tale Trailer

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Get ready to be absolutely inspired. The first trailer for A Ballerina's Tale, the film focusing on Misty Copeland's triumphant but challenging journey to becoming the American Ballet Theater's first African-American principal dancerhas been released, and it looks absolutely wonderful.

"I'm a black dancer. That's who I am. It's so much a part of my story," Copeland says in a voiceover to open the trailer. The film gives a glimpse of her journey to where she is today, from a rather late start in ballet at age 13 in Kansas City to eventually joining the ABT in 2000 despite her atypical dancer's body and the industry's lack of diversity. "I don't think the classical ballet world will ever accept me. I'm black. I have a large chest. I'm muscular," she says in the film. And yet she persevered, right to the very top. A teacher in the film says, "She had what you can't teach and you can't learn. She had a fire." 

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It has been a huge year for Copeland. After being named principal for ABT in June, she appeared on the cover of TIME, starred in a viral campaign for Under Armour and most recently made her Broadway debut in On the Town. 

A Ballerina's Tale hits theaters on Oct. 14. Watch the full trailer above.

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I'm a black dancer. That's who I am. It's so much a part of my story. I first discovered ballet at 13. I had no exposure to it. She always stood out. She had what you can't teach and you can't learn. She had fire. I didn't fit the mold. Based on my body type, pedigree and background, I should not have been part of one of the world's greatest ballet companies. [MUSIC] There is a lack of diversity in ballet. Where are the black ballerinas? I don't think that the Classical Ballet world will ever accept me. I'm black, I have a large chest, I'm muscular. We knew that something was happening. She said to me, I'm in a lot of pain Nelson. The diagnosis is a mid tibial stress fracture. I don't think anyone truly expected her to be able to come back from that. I felt like I was gonna let down. So many people. We were all sharing in the triumph of Misty dancing. When she realized she could represent something even bigger it became less about herself and what she could do to change the world. Through movement I found my calm. Through ballet I found my voice. My name is Misty Copeland and this is my story. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
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