5 Things We Guarantee You Never Knew About Emmys Host Andy Samberg

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The Brooklyn Nine-Nine gets the jokes going ahead of Sunday's big gig


[MUSIC] My favorite slang word is dope. Caught on fire. That's dope isn't it? My favorite place to go in New York is the subway, dove. Get off my train. No. The best concert I ever went to was, aw that's tough. Probably Joann Anderson, my wife. [NOISE] Harp. [LAUGH] Turned into a harp. [MUSIC] If my life were a novel, the final lines would be "and so he died and farted.". [NOISE] Fart sound. [SOUND] You guys are going to do all these things, right? [SOUND] It's in the budget. [SOUND] The decade I'd want to grow up in besides my own would be 70s for sure, bell bottoms. [MUSIC] And that's how the race was [UNKNOWN] And be sure to watch the Emmys, live on Fox September 20th hosted by me. [MUSIC]
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