Watch: 5 Things You Should Know About Charlie Puth’s New Album

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Charlie Puth, the adorable 24-year-old from New Jersey, just released his debut album, Nine Track Mind, last week. The 12-song record features his hit collabs, like “Marvin Gaye” with Meghan Trainor and “See You Again” with Wiz Khalifa, as well as a new one with Selena Gomez, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Of course, there’s also his new single, “One Call Away,” which is #22 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100.

There’s no doubt he’s a talented musician—he did attend Berklee College of Music, after all—and he’s even up for three Grammys at the Feb. 15 show for “See You Again,” including Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, and the highly-coveted Song of the Year.

So, when he stopped by the InStyle New York offices recently, we of course had to find out more about Nine Track Mind. “The biggest theme you’ll hear on this album is how girls frustrate me at times, but I put it with a nice melody so it doesn’t sound as brash,” he told us with a smile.

Watch the video above to get the full scoop on his favorite song from the album and what he really thinks about working with Selena Gomez.


[MUSIC] THe biggest themes that you're gonna hear on this album, mostly about how girls will frustrate me at times, but I put it with a nice melody so it doesn't sound Brushed and kinda title together just like soulful theme of everything. [MUSIC] One song that I'm really excited for people to hear if they haven't already heard it cuz we don't talk anymore featuring Selena Gomez. I'd love how it's almost a musical conversation between The portrayal of people who have dated and sometimes gone by and it portrays that conversation that takes place when you haven't seen that person in a long time. [MUSIC] Best part about working with Selena is just like how easy she makes it. I had never worked with her prior to her coming over to my house that night. Literally, we were holding up the microphone like this. No studio set up, just recording into, having her recording into this microphone that I held up. Really, just like almost like a barbaric set up. Really, I'm not glamorous at all. But in a setting like that, and when it's really last minute, she's just super pro, and just came over, and just killed it. [MUSIC] Losing My Mind is probably my favorite record, because at the time I was writing it I was doubting my doubt and my songwriting abilities. And actually said to myself, in my head, damn, I can't think of another song, I'm losing my mind. It's literally how losing my mind came about, drawing from the realest of experiences and putting it into song writing. What don't we know about your tour? It's my first tour, you know that. I don't really know. There's no surprises or anything like that. It's just true musicianship at its best. All my friends are really good. They come from a jazz background like me, like playing pop music and It's really good. Its a really good show. Are you coming to see it? You should. [MUSIC]
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