'40s Style Waves

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Getting old Hollywood glamour is easier than you think with Mark Townsend's expert tips.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Mark Townsend. A look we've been seeing a lot recently Its forties inspired waves. All my clients from Cate Blanchett to Evan Rachel Wood requested that quite often. And I'm gonna show you how to get it yourself, and trust me, its a lot easier than it seems. I love these forties inspired waves, because its a beautiful look for special occasion. And it's flattering on any woman. The first thing to get this look, is you want to take about a three inch section of your hair, fix it up, spray the section with a heat protectant spray. This is gonna protect your hair from the heat of the of the styling iron, and also give the hair a great hold. The biggest secret is to start this look all the way from the roots to the end. Once the hair is in the iron, give yourself a five to six second count to make sure the heat penetrates all the way through. Then take your section and secure it with a clip. You take each curl and secure it with a butterfly clip. These clips are the easiest ones to use. They're easy to get in. They secure the hair really well, and they're super easy to get out. What really locks in the curl is cooling. And then move to your next section. For this look, it's really important to start on the top of the head. Because that's where all the curl and the wave is gonna come from. So you take your three inch section of hair, spray it with a heat protective spray. And wrap the hair in the curling iron. From the roots to the end. To get the right fast curl for this look, use a one inch curling iron. Crimp the hair right about mid-length. Give it a little wrap. Exactly. Perfect. When you get to the back of the head, it's okay to move into four or five inch sections of hair. Because you actually want these curls a little looser. If it's a little harder to get your hair to hold a curl, you can also spray hairspray on each section and instead of doing a five or six second count with each section of hair, move to a ten or 12 section count. Once you've got all your hair set in these barrel curls, take out your clips, brush the hair with a flat brush, straight down. What keeps this look as modern, is that you're not looking for tons and tons of volume on top of the hair. It's more about on the bottom. Should brush out right into a nice smooth 40s wave. Once you've got the hair all curled, set and brushed out, let's add some great shine to it by using a lightweight silicone serum. I like to use the Biolage serum. It gives the hair tons and tons of shine and lots of great texture. Give it to both sides, and now Jennifer is ready for a night on the town.

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