3 Incredibly Cool Ways to Wear Glitter Besides on Your Lids

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Glitter makes the world go round.

Glitter is one of those finishes we tend to assign to occasions. NYE? We top off a shimmery Moschino mini with as much glittery eyeshadow as possible. That’s all fine and good, but we’re all about making glitter become, well, a new neutral of sorts. 

So, we turned to the Fall 2016 runways (and obviously Instagram) and honed in on three different looks that take glitter beyond your lids. 

Glitter Lips

One name, and endless supply of makeup inspiration. That would be Pat McGrath, and yes, she did launch quite possibly the most exciting Lip Kit of 2016. Yeah, it rivals Kylie’s mattes. Drawing inspiration from the kit, available in two different eye-catching reds and nude (to die for, FYI) that launches on the 30th of August, we broke down a few ways to get the look you might have seen on Bella Hadid a few months ago. 

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Glitter Brows

This is a MIMI favorite. You might have seen a sleek line of glitter placed under models’ brows at the Giambattista Valli runway show, and then promptly freaked out because you needed in ASAP. On our FB Live, we showed you two different ways to add glitz to your brows with makeup, specifically using the NYX Liquid Crystal Liner ($5; ulta.com). 

Glitter Under-Eye Accents

Finally, we showed you a few ways to add glitter to your eyes, but you know, not on your actual eyelids. Yes, where there is a will, there is way. We utilized a few different glitter pots MAC ($10; macys.com) and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics ($15; occmakeup.com), plus the brand new Urban Decay Moondust Palette ($49; sephora.com). Magic, we tell you. Just magic. 


[BLANK_AUDIO] Hi Facebook. I'm Victoria Morehouse. I'm the editor of MIMI. And I'm Roxana [UNKNOWN]. I'm the beauty editor of MIMI. Welcome to Beauty Trends in Real Life. In this segment we will break down. Beauty trends that you see on Instagram, on celebs and how you can incorporate them into your regular make up routine. So for this particular segment we are talking all things glitter. So you might think that glitter warns a specific occasion. So maybe like prom or New Year's Eve or all about that glittery New Year's Eve eye. It was actually something that we saw a lot on runways for the fall season. And you can wear glitter every single day. There's no- As evidenced by my glitter skirt. I don't know if that's picking up Camp on camera. Maxine loves a little glitter. Glitter is always appropriate in my opinion. And this has just been given to me as a little gift. Given that it's all over the runways. Yes. All over Instagram. So it's. It's enabling me to wear glitter all the time. All the time. And we are starting today with something that I am so excited about. I'm sure many of you know, and if you don't know, now you do. Pat McGrath is coming out with her fourth launch from Pat McGrath Labs. It is called Lust 004 and it is an amazing Glittery lip kit. Guys if you like glitter, this is it. This is it. We are lucky enough to try it out and it is, Pat actually said it to us when we are talking about it, she said, glitter legitimately makes you happy. And finest product legitimately made me a happier person, I walked out like Shining. Exactly. Yeah, so we're really excited about it and we're going to test out a little glitter lip. So yeah, so it's not out yet. It comes out on August 30th at noon, so set your calendar notifications, make sure you've cleared your schedule. Don't have any meetings planned. It's a Tuesday. It's a Tuesday? It's a Tuesday. Tuesday. Everybody just prepare yourselves, you know, drop in, meditate a little bit. I know it is a stressful time. But in the meantime we are gonna show you how to get the luck, without having the kits available yet. So,>> You could read about it all on InStyle.com, we have plenty of information on which it launches and what the experience is like. And there are a number of different kinds of kits that you can get and it is all very exciting. Today, what we're gonna do is mimic the Lust 004 Flesh Kit. So, it's obviously going to be a flesh-tone lip. I started by putting on my, of late, favorite new lipstick which is from the Kate Moss Anniversary Collection, Homeroom blended. So good. It's the perfect nude. It's called Rock N Roll Nude. And this is like- It's pink-y, perfect. Love it. [INAUDIBLE] And then so I've already put that on my lips. And then I'm going to put the Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder. And I don't know if we can It's just like, making a mess of course, it's just like the perfect glitter. It's super finely milled. I love to put it all over my eyes whenever I'm going out and I'm gonna use the Maybelline Shine Shot which is a glassy shine lip top coat. It's a lovely gloss if you are in the market for a a lip gloss. Do you put that on top of your regular lip stick outside of just [CROSSTALK] Love to just, sometimes I put it on my eyelids for a glossy look, which is super fun. So basically I am going to use that to make the glitter stick. So I am taking this lip brush, or this brush, it's going to be a lip brush and this Instance. Side note, the brush that she is using is an amazing brush. It is. On one end there's more of like a fine, short bristle. And the other end, it's from It Cosmetics. And it's just the fluffiest, most wonderful eye shadow brush. Really is, so lovely. So nice. And then dense and it's perfect for picking up a tone of pigments. So I'm gonna just dip this into my glitter, and then just start padding that on. And I might just, [BLANK_AUDIO] Your action Move on to just my finger, so I can do this a little bit more quickly and it's just like a perfect high impact look. And speaking of glitter and you said, you moved to your finger, I think, that that's an important thing to know is I found that when applying glitter makeup, sometimes if it's a bigger pigment or a larger Glitter green. Say it's easier to pick it up with your finger and it's almost sometimes easier to place. You can always have more precision sometimes with your finger. Obviously wash your hands first. Yes, always with your makeup. Key, when applying makeup with your finger. But I found that that's really useful. And this is just super finely milled, so it goes on really well and obviously we forgot to bring some tape. But a great way to clean up a glitter disaster is tape. So just use some scotch tape. Ooh glitter is flying everywhere. You gotta love glitter but you also know that there is a little bit of clean up. so maybe [CROSSTALK] so maybe don't wear the, what you are planning on wearing out while you are doing your makeup, change into it after. yeah like a robe situation because there will be fallout and it blares one of those things that you think you clean up and then you see little flecks of it somewhere. But they're pretty. So that's okay Yeah. So, this was seen originally like the original McGrath tees happened at the Versace couture shows, two months ago I wanna say so right around the 4th of July. We have been, you know. Or playing with our looks ever since to get it, so we are so excited for the 30th. And you are not into a glitter, like a specific glitter situation, I always get my glitter lip from my lip glosses. There are tons of brands out there that have a super glittery High shine lip gloss. He said that you have a favorite, right? Urban Decay makes this amazing fuchsia lipstick that actually has glitter in it and it's like a really cool way to get a glitter lip cuz it's one and done. And it, come often is just a sheen from afar but like you know up close. Like Victoria you can see. Yeah, it's beautiful. It's super, super dimensional Fun lip. I feel like I would pair that, you kind of already have this done with your makeup but I would pair that with super glowy skin and a highlighter. I don't think there's any reason that you can't do a highlighter with something that's sheen. Cuz it's a different kind of sheen too. I wouldn't do a glitter lid with glitter lips but you know like If this is gonna be your point of focus, there's no reason why you can't have an amazing highlight. There's of course Confettish. 003 which is like- Magic. Magic. Yeah. Amazing highlighter of course from the graph as well. And so Maybelline makes a really lovely like stick highlighter. Yes. They do. That you could just like it's so easy to apply and you just kind of pat. I think you know. Yeah, like a little dab on the bridge of your nose and Maybe some liner to define your eyes and then you're kinda good to go. Awesome, so we should tackle the next glitter topic, but if you're just tuning in this is beauty trends in real life and we are breaking down glitter. Glitter's something that's thought of to wear to New Years Eve and Prom, but you can incorporate it into your daily beauty look. All day every day. So the next topic we're going to handle is glitter brows. This is something actually that the [UNKNOWN] team is a little obsessed with. There was a few weeks where we all walked into work every day with glitter brows. Yeah. I mean, I still like my favorite thing, even if I'm not wearing makeup. I like to do a little glitter brow option because it's super fun, it's a different way to have a bold brow as opposed to just your typical Brushing it up or putting in some brow filler or whatever have you is like a different way to emphasize your eyebrows which is really fun. Cuz it's always fun to add a little glitter to everything obviously. Yes. So we kinda saw this on the runways at Giambattista Valli show and they had a little glitter line right underneath of the brow. The way we like to do this is, we actually like to do our brows first. I will apply my brow pencil and fill in all those spots. I'll blend through. After that, then I take the glitter. I usually use a pencil that has a little bit more of a whack. Formula, so that I know that that pigment is on my brow and it's not moving around, and then I can go in there with the glitter, not really having to worry about moving other product around. So for this specific look that we love so much, we use NYX liquid Crystal liner. And it is an eyeliner, and it is this amazing glitter pigment. It applies so nice and smoothly and they come Come in like a bajillion colors. There is blue. Clear, there's a blue, there's a gold which is magic. And there's actually a black so you can really have fun with it. I believe that there's a red as well. So what we're going to do for this, this is my version of the glitter brow that I like to do on the Any regular days, so I dip in the liquid eyeliner brush, and I actually to put it all over my brows so I go there. But the good thing is like when you do that kind of look maybe opt for a Color that's a little bit more neutral. I do it with a gold or I do it with a clear. So what I'll do is then I dip it in and make sure there's like, a good amount of pigment. And I just lightly apply it all over my brow hairs. And I think something to note, too, is later when you're taking this off you might need an oil or you might need a good liquid eye makeup remover. My bangs are getting in the way. We actually have a reader question to answer while you are doing that, so Gigi wants to know how she can prevent glittery eye makeup from going into her eyes when there's fallout. There's a number of ways that you can kind of work around this, the first being, work In little pieces as you go. So trying to take as minimal amount of glitter as you can. Whether it's on the brush or on your finger And then adding more as you go as opposed to taking a huge sum and trying to put it on your lips or your eyes all at once. Because that's where you're going to find the most amount of [UNKNOWN]. Another great way to minimize fall out is obviously Primer, you need a grippy surface for the glitter to stick to. Otherwise it's just gonna slide right off your face. As with prepping your face for makeup, you need to have a moisturizer and something As a base for your make up to grip to, otherwise for the most part, unless it's a cream it's gonna end up coming right off. So a primer's a great way to do that. And if you do have a little bit of fall out you know there are a number Think you can take a wet beauty blender or damp beauty blender excuse me. And kind of dab it along under where you have the fallout to get rid of it or you can take your concealer brush or something that's still wet from, or has some of the product you used still on it. To have and use the tackiness from that to kind of pick up the glitter and clean up as you go. Or you could use a piece of scotch tape and very gently go under your eyes and tap it to kind of make sure that you got all the fall out out. When working with something like glitter it's important to remember there's never going to be a Failsafe. Definitely. Process, that's just the nature of glitter. I also think too, this is a little different tip, but You know fallout happens. So maybe finish that portion of your face, the concealer, after you do your eyes. And know that you're probably gonna have to touch up that area. So don't finish it to perfection before you put your glitter eye makeup on. Right, I know some People they make, there are some brands that make under eye shields that you can use. YouTubers sometimes cut up sanitary liners and put them under their eyes, and that will catch your fallout. But the shields are really, they're a great tool for sure. I don't know if you can see it, but it's It's pretty subtle. But I just loaded my entire- It's so cool. Eyebrow with glitter. And because it's my brow, I pick an eyeliner color that's not red or pink, but it just has a sheen and a nice little glow. But Roxanne actually has a different way she does it. So, Sometimes I like to be a little bit more edgy, especially on a day where I'm completely bare face. And I just have like bare minimum. I've moisturized maybe tinted moisturized [UNKNOWN] that's it. So I will take typically a gold, but I'm really into this perfect mermaid blue. [CROSSTALK] And just line Wear it like where my brow meets my brow bone. Like a flowing eyeliner. Yeah, and it's just like a really cool way to emphasize and I kind of make it so that it trails off at the end. It's like a really [UNKNOWN]. It's really pretty. I like that. I'm doing to do the other brow. So do you do short strokes or do you do one long one? What works better for you in applying? As with everything I like To do shorter stroke. I find that with anything in your makeup if you do short blending motion as you go across as suppose to one big one shield wiper which is essentially what you're doing anyways with the shorter strokes. You're gonna get them more precise application. So you're gonna minimize the amount of. Mess or mistakes you have if you go slowly. Slowly but surely wins the race, right? Yes, always. So what kind of lip would you pair with this? Because it's this beautiful- I would- Summery, turquoise-y mermaid green and- That's so exciting. I love that. She says that she admires herself. [LAUGH] That's great. I would probably just paint the lips with a lip balm and maybe a little bit of highlighter on the cheeks. Would you do a colorless lip balm? Yeah. Okay. Or the Maybelline Baby Lips, or the Dior Lip Glow, which has just a little bit of a sheer pink, but nothing. This is a statement in and of itself. I don't know if I would wear it. I definitely wouldn't wear it with a glitter lip, and of course, we're on camera, so I've got a lot of blush and bronzer on. In my day to day I would wear it differently differently because it's definitely a statement in and of itself. Whereas with your glitter [CROSSTALK] You could do a smokey eye with it. And like it's a really cool way to frame your eye look, or you could be wearing a bold lip. Yeah. It kind of just works. So all of that tailoring the look To how it works with whatever your face, your facial structure. And how you're feeling and how bold you wanna be. So if you're just tuning in we're talking all things glitter and how to incorporate glitter makeup into your day to day life. We actually have a question. Great. Betty wants to know what primer we recommend. For, we actually just did a whole round-up on primers on MIMI, so when it comes to eyebrow primer or eyeshadow primer? Eye shadow primer. I like, what is that one that I was talking about? [UNKNOWN] a brightening eye primer. Yeah, [UNKNOWN] it's And I have oily eyelids so that's something I have to worry about when it comes to my makeup kind of smudging during the day. But that one is really really lovely. Another A really really, lovely one, and it's knew to the states but its Catrice brightening primer. It's super budget, but really, really lovely formulation. It's also brightening. You just dab it on, it'll brighten the area a little bit. So it's gonna make any shadow that you put on top of it a little bit more pigmented and intense. So it's great for color payoff. And then, my all-time favorite is the Urban [UNKNOWN] primer Yes, it is magic. It just doesn't fail you and they have a bunch of different options. Some are shimmery, some are, they have an anti-aging option, but I love the original clear. Sometimes I just wear that on days where I just want my eyelids to not get like Yeah. Crappy during the day. It also just like, brightens everything up, I think. And draws attention to the eyes. A must-have for this summer and eyeshadow. So we are going to move on to our final look. I'm so excited for this one. So you may have seen Seen on Instagram a few months ago, and you probably have seen this on Alfani. And it's purposeful glitter right underneath of your eyes. So it almost looks like fallout that you didn't clean up, which is just amazing, because- But it's really chic. It's So chic. On the runways we saw it with a little bit more of a larger glitter. So what we're gonna do to mimic that look, that's where we got that inspiration. So we're actually gonna do it with a shimmery eye shadow. It's Really really good. I love this palette it's just so pretty to look at. It's so pretty. So we're using Urban Decay's moon dust palette. And it is just my gosh it's everything. It's literally moon dust I mean you could just look at it all day. It's so shimmery and pretty I mean look at these colors, so pretty. If I didn't have glitter all over my fingers You better believe my fingers would be in that. [LAUGH] So what we're gonna do is we're gonna just take our finger and lightly dab into just one of the shades. And we're gonna use lithium. [BLANK_AUDIO] I don't know if you can see on my hand, it's like pretty, Pretty glittery, you just kinda get it on the pad of your finger. Put that down. I'm just, I'm dabbing around the corner of my eye. And while you do that we have another question. Gigi wants to know which shades of glitter makeup are best for a day to night look? In my opinion, cuz during the night you can kinda get away with a darker glitter, but during the daytime I would stick to something like a gold or a bronze, or even what would look in the container to be a white or a clear, Clear pigment of just sheer glitter. Those kind of tones, like anything flesh tone will be beautiful during the day and catch the light really well but anything super moody like this amazing. I almost dropped it. This amazing pigment powder from MAC which is duo chrome and it's bronzy but also You can see it when it hits the light it's got this blueish sheen. It's like the perfect mermaid tail and it's called blue brown. Go figure. I would save that for you know the night time. Unless of course you were just putting it, you could put to your brows and that would make a real cool Look or you could do it on your eyelids during the day. Because you know really there are no rules in beauty. So it's just this like subtle sheen. Mm-hm. On the corners. That's really pretty. Yeah it just kind of adds a little glow to your face. Now I obviously did the More of the soft, office-y version, but if you wanna amp it up, you can use the ones I was just talking about, the Mac pigment, or Burberry just came out with Their own glitter. I just saw it on another [INAUDIBLE] this morning, and obviously looked over at Victoria, and was like, hold the phones. I need this right now, because we have a disease, a glitter disease. A glitter disease. And if you really wanna go for a high impact like the glitter pieces are bigger so you can really kinda get artful with it and kind of create a little bit more of a cluster in certain areas and then blend it out so it kind of disperses and catches the light really beautifully. So that's Very exciting. Or you could use Mac pigment or something like that and really kick it up a notch. it looks so pretty. Yeah. And really cool. Yeah, I love that. Another thing to note too with this type of glitter right there around your eyes, you see there's like a little Like a little highlight there is you know you want it to stay on your skin. Obviously that's the trouble with glitter. So I think it's priming your skin. I use a liquid foundation or a tinted cream those days versus a powder. Right. And then also maybe try a glitter prime. primer, this is one from NYX as well and it is this like really beautiful cream that just spreads out and then it allows the glitter To stick to it little better. It's just gonna give your skin a little bit of grip and it's not gonna be quite as tacky as say putting a lip gloss as a base. But you could do that too, there are days where I use like a bomb on my cheeks And then put pigment on top of it to kind of amplify it and keep it so it sticks there. So I actually applied some on my hand, and Roxanne you should do so as well, and then I took this blue glitter. Isn't this the most beautiful blue glitter you've ever seen? It's from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. And I just applies some on my finger and I dabbed it on the spot where I applies the eye, the glitter primer, I'm sorry. And you should see the way purple>> we do want this purple, purple is my favorite color so I'm really excited about this. It's so ooh whoo. I man if you could just see how much pigment this picked up with just Having that on my, that is some sumptuous glitter [LAUGH] you can see how it just kinda like it will stick [SOUND] you can just yeah, it provides the most perfect base to apply that glitter. my gosh. So pretty. I kinda want to put this on my lips now [LAUGH] but unfortunately I think I'd need to start over. Actually if you really wanted to you could probably use this on your lips. Obviously be careful not to swallow too much glitter. That's kind of The warning that goes with anything, try not to swallow it. But a little glitter never killed anyone. I can't believe how much that's like staying on your hands. God this is so pretty. It's so, so pretty. So yeah, I'm, we are, we're wearing glitter. Yeah, we're gonna attempt to take some of these glitter off of our hands but obviously Keeping this on our faces.>>Keeping our faces. Always.>> Thank you so much for joining us. And again I'm Victoria Morehouse I'm the editor of MiMi. And I am Roxanne Domiant, I am the beauty editor of MiMi.>> Bye Facebook.>> Bye.
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