3 Exercises You Can (Easily) Sneak Into Your Workday

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So you can get fit—while you sit. 

So we’re finally out of excuses for skipping the gym after a long day of work. In our newest Facebook Live, trainer Lauren Duhamel from modelFIT gaves us a lesson in how to exercise in disguise—meaning yes, you actually get to sit in your chair the entire time. But just because you’re sitting doesn’t mean it’s going to be as easy as reaching for your stress stash of candy.

The moves are designed to improve your posture, help lower back pain, and strengthen the core. For every exercise, your feet should be hip distance apart, shoulders pulled down and back, and pelvis tucked under. Lauren recommends doing 3 sets with 15 reps for each workout. You can watch them in the video above.

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The first move she showed us was called the oblique side stretch.

To start, lift your arms up and bend at the side, leaning all the way over to the right and then back to a neutral position.

The second move is an abdominal twist. To begin, bring your hands and arms up to shoulder height then twist your torso all the way to the back. Obvi, don’t forget to give the left side some love, too. The final move is the seated crunch. Interlace your fingers behind your head and bring your elbows down and together towards your knees.

We’re a bit guilty of hunching over our laptops, so Lauren left us off with a posture-correcting stretch called Reverse Namaste. She demonstrates by placing her hands behind her back, knuckles together (or palms) and opens her chest so her shoulder blades are being pulled together.

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After this, we were feeling totally energized. Step aside, lunch break.


Work into your daily life. I'm Victoria Moorhouse. I'm the Editor of MIMI. I'm Roxanne Adamiyatt. I'm the Beauty Editor of MIMI. And today we have with us Lauren Duhamel. She is a trainer of modelFIT. And she is going to show us three exercises that you can do while you're at your desk. So exercise in disguise at work Welcome, thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me. Some benefits to this exercises while at your desk is that they will improve you posture, help with lower back pain and all your sensibility comes from your core so all around easy great exercises to do at your desk So all about the core and just strengthening that part of your body Totally Awesome so what do we do to get started Lets have a seat So ideally, everyone should be seated for these Seated, definitely You can do even your normal desk chair Totally, super in disguise. From here just put your feet about hip distance apart And keep your shoulders back and down. Make sure your pelvis is tucked under a little bit so you're not arching your back like this. Perfect. And you're good to go to start. Great. 'Kay. So first move. First move. You're gonna reach your arms up to the sky shoulder distance apart. From here first we're gonna move to the right. We're just gonna reach over, over, over, over, over until we feel like we can't go any more. Then lift Up and back to neutral working your obliques, so over to the side, one, two, three. And what are these called? And then lifting up. It's like an oblique stretch. Okay. But definitely working the core while you're at it. And just lifting up nice and tall. And how many reps do we do? I'd say you should do about 15 on each side and 3 sets. You can definitely feel it.>> I think that's a sign you need to stretch.>> Right.>> Yea. So let's go ahead and try the other side. Back to center then over to the left. And you can also check in with your breath, it's always there for you [BLANK_AUDIO] I'm really starting that, that's embarrassing. [LAUGH] If you have anything at your desk, maybe a full water bottle or something along those lines, you can hold it between your hands as well. That's a great tip. And it gives you a little something extra. So that just pumps it up a little bit? Totally. Adds some resistance. Yeah, alright, so again, fifteen on each side and three sets. Okay, awesome. So moving on, our next move. Next move, you are going to bring your hands and arms up to shoulder height. And what's this one called? This is like an oblique twist. From here we are going to start moving to the right. You are going to rotate the arms and the body, twisting the torso all the way to the back and your gaze follows your arms. So when you get to the back you are looking behind you. You'll feel that twist. Your body is going to want to stop and just give it a little more. From here, you just come back to neutral. And repeat. So again, 15 on each side. It's like, you pause a little bit in the back? When you get to the back, it's like a little pause. So, you come back here. Then, you kinda stop and then feel if your body can go a little further, and back to center. It just gives you a little something to focus on. And again keep with the breathing and shoulders always back and down. When you're at your desk all day they tend to kind of click.>>Oh yeah.>>I even feel, I feel like when you said that I started to crack myself a little bit.>>Computer crotch>>Let's try the other side over to the left. So nice and slow. Gaze follows the left elbow. [BLANK_AUDIO] And back to center, we can try something else. So would you recommend before we did any of those exercises, should we be stretched out a little bit, or do you think that they are a stretch in of in itself? These are definitely stretches along with working your core, and you can do this Even multiple times for the day. Every time you feel maybe a little bit tense or you just need to loosen up or just take a minute, a little self-love. Right guys? All about that. Yeah. I love that. Whether a little bit of a workout or beauty products, I mean we'll find it like spraying with a facial mist. So anything that kind of put us you know Like adds a little something to your day. It also wakes you up. I feel a little bit more perky. Yes. From doing those two very simple moves. It's an upgrade from your lunch break, for sure. For sure. Yeah. I love that. So, third exercise. Okay, third exercise. You're gonna take your fingers and [UNKNOWN] them behind The lower base of your head, something I think about here though, you don't wanna be pressing on your neck. You still wanna kept everything with it up nice and high. And then lift your chin up like almost there's like a baseball between your chin and your chest. So, it's just like to seem the kind of like you would be doing a crunch for laying down? Yes, totally. But this is a crunch layer in your chair when you're at your desk. Get nice and easy from here, you're gonna bring your elbows down and together close like this and bring them down towards your knees and then, when you lift up, you bring your elbows back up. [UNKNOWN] Open. Yeah. Okay. Okay, slow. One more pointer here is go slow like count to yourself one, two, three and one, two, three really open up the chest when you come to the top so, one, two, three down And one, two, three open up. A little variation here. You can deep the left elbow on the outer corner of the right knee. And then lift back up open the elbow. Then you can. Can do the other side. Right and back open. I definitely feel like even more of a stretch doing that. Yeah. It's a nice twist. And you really want to reach for that outer corner of your knee sculpting a small waist. And you were saying that working on your core can help improve your posture. Yes. I think is so awesome cuz that's something I am really mindful of. When I'm sitting in my chair like I definitely notice that I start to slouch a little bit or even when I'm standing in line like at the grocery store. Should we give it a rest. Yeah, sure. I definitely think that that's like something I like have in mind. So if this helps get that For sure. As a trainer, everyday in every class, almost all clients I notice people are always hunching forward like this. So just one more thing you can do to help, and maybe after you finish the stretching. At your desk, I'm going to do it standing up just to demonstrate. But in yoga they call it reverse namaste Say and basically you can take your knuckles or your hands and you're gonna place them behind your back like this. If you're doing knuckles, it looks like this. If you're doing hands, it looks like this. And then it's gonna open up your chest. So you're stretching the shoulder blades and pulling them close together and opening up your chest. And that's another nice thing you can do. While at your desk to improve your posture, and it's a nice stretch and it makes you feel more open and feels really good. So how long do you think that you would need to do all of these exercises and then like to stretch like How long do you think it would take you said 15 reps each side and then 3 sets? Yeah and you can break them up, it depends on your day and if you have time. I think anything you can squeeze in anytime is better than nothing so it really only takes a few minutes and its something you can add to your day whenever you have time weather its first thing in the morning, you're still waking up Or maybe it's the end of your day Yeah. And you just kind of wanna stretch out Definitely, I like that. In a way a couple minutes. We have a reader question Okay let's hear this question. Or viewer question. What is a good workout for lower back pain? That's a good question. That's a great question. Yeah. I have terrible lower back pain so selfishly I'm very interested. Okay, yeah, so, for sure. I really like to use, they have in Pilates, like a Pilates ball between your thighs. And you can do a bunch of different exercises. This wouldn't be as much at your desk but all the stuff we just went through will help will l lower back pain. Interesting. As well, anything you can do to strengthen your core is gonna improve lower back pain. So it could be something as simple as what we did, or maybe trying one of these Pilates balls. And anything you do with the ball between your thighs is gonna strengthen everything surrounding your lower back. So you're squeezing your thighs, you're working your core, and at the same time you're actually strengthening your lower back. So the lower back pain is relieved. [INAUDIBLE] Cool So, I'm gonna have to invest in a little Pilates ball. You could actually bring that to your desk. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that would work. And then just sit there and kind of squeeze the ball with your thighs. [LAUGH] When I think about that, yeah, why not? [CROSSTALK] Why not? Just put it under the desk and nobody really knows. Yeah, you're disguised. It works! So it's, yeah, really exercise in disguise. I think we're on to something here. I love that. Me too. So much. I think it's really important to, like these little things, like Roxanne was saying, it just adds so much to your day. I workout in the morning and then I find that if I do like an exercise that maybe my body isn't used to, I feel like a little tight. And my muscles starts to ache. So I feel like anything that you can kinda do, cuz I think stretching is good for that, right? For sure. To elevate your pain. Yes. And just like adding that and it's great. Ladies. Oh.Yeah. [LAUGH] I feel like we- We already set into our computer crunch a little bit, so, we have to break that habit. Yeah. [LAUGH] That's so funny. The computer crunch. I think that that name is like- Totally that works. It's definitely a thing. Yeah cause we're just hunched over our laptops all day. [NOISE] And we have to ask about your workout outfit. It's amazing So the lovely women at Phat Buddha actually hooked me up with this amazing outfit. Its super fun. The glitter adds a little sparkle to your day. Its so cute. And its really comfortable. Yeah. And great support with the bra. I love this outfit. I could wear their stuff everyday. Super cute. Well thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Thank you for tuning in. Rewatch the video. Learn the exercises, add them into your day. We definitely will be. Thank you again. Fantastic, thank you. Bye Facebook. Bye. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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