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Okay you tech hungry college kids you can stop panicking and return that PC you didn't want. It seems Apple will be having its back to school sale this year. That's according to French tech site Consomac who quoted Apples senior vice president of retail as saying I'm sure many of you are thinking also, but is there anything else for back to school? Well- I need you to wait until next week's video and I'll share a little bit more insight with you then. For years now, Apple has offered a back to school sale in early June. But this summer, had no such sale so far. According to Mac rumors, Apple has never launched a to sale later than July 2nd, before 2011 Apple would offer free companion items like an iPod or an iPod touch when customers bought a Mac computer during the back to school promotion. Since then, Apple has offered up to $100 gift cards with MacBook purchases. So we got her a really good computer. As for the competition, they don't seem to be waiting on Apple to figure things out. Microsoft is offering up to $100 off of PCs, 10% off of Microsoft Office, and other deals for tablets, desktops and more. Apple hasn't confirmed or denied rumors that a back to school sale is on the way.

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